How To Choose The Right Size Pendant Lights To Hang Over Your Kitchen Island

Pendant lights are having a moment and are popping up on their fair share of social media feeds. Alas, installing pendant lights isn't as simple as picking the fixture you love and hanging it over your island. You need to consider several things before installing pendant lights, including their size. This will ensure they don't impede your line of vision, aren't too small, too far apart, or get in the way while you're working. But how do you determine all these factors? The simplest method is to calculate the length and width of the island in inches, subtract that number by 12 inches, and use the smaller number to determine the ideal width of the hanging light.

For instance, if your kitchen island's length and width are 60 and 48 inches, respectively, subtracting 12 inches from the figures gives you 48 and 36 inches. Since 36 inches is the smaller of the two, you can install a single pendant light with a diameter of 36 inches. However, this formula only works if you envision your kitchen island's showstopper as a single pendant light. You'll have to use a different formula for anything more than a single light. Moreover, think ahead about the gaps between the light fixtures, the hanging height, and the number of lights your kitchen island can accommodate without getting overwhelmed. Don't forget to maintain 6 to 12 inches between the fixture and the end of the counter. Also, ensure the light is at least 7 feet from the floor.

Consider the size, spacing requirements, and hanging height of pendant lights

The above TikTok offers a cheat sheet. But if you'd rather DIY, begin by determining the number of pendant lights you plan to hang. While the choice is yours, don't forget to consider the island's length. If your counters are less than 6 feet, opt for two pendant lights; if your counters are more than 6 feet, go for three lights. If you decide on multiple lights, measure the counter's length and subtract 12 inches. Now, take your preferred number of lights and add one. Divide the total diameter you got in the previous step by that number to find the diameter of each light.

To illustrate, if your island is 60 inches long, subtracting 12 inches will give you 48 inches. Suppose you want to hang three pendant lights — adding one to the number equals four. Dividing 48 inches by four gives you 12 inches — the preferred diameter of each light pendant light. As for the space between the lights, multiply the diameter of the light by two. However, if the island isn't long enough, maintain at least the same space between the fixtures as their width. Remember, if you have an odd number of lights, like three, one light will always be at the center of the table, and the remaining two should meet the specified spacing requirements. Moreover, the lights must be at least 28 to 36 inches above the island depending on the ceiling height.