Luxe Laundry Room Features The Property Brothers Swear By To Add Value To A Home

Laundry room design continues to rise in importance when it comes to house planning. Because laundry is such a time-consuming chore, people want laundry rooms that are comfortable and stylish to make the time they spend there a bit better. Trends have specifically shifted towards the concept of a luxe laundry room, and Drew Scott has some insight into what this looks like. He told PureWow that he sees a lot of people now wanting a "laundry suite with a folding area, sink, and cabinet storage."

Homeowners are paying more attention to secondary rooms like basements, guest bedrooms, and laundry rooms in an effort to achieve the same level of style and functionality all over the house. No matter the purpose of a space, simple updates that make it feel more modern will improve the value of your house and allow you to enjoy your home more. As long as they are well-planned and well-placed, you can never go wrong with high-end appliances, elegant finishes, and thoughtful design elements.

Features for convenience

In the move away from drab utility rooms, people are putting much more thought into the laundry room space. Things have to look and feel good in terms of style and functionality, so when Drew Scott talks about laundry suites with dedicated folding tables, sinks, and cabinets, those features have to meet both criteria. Instead of throwing any old table into the space, for example, choose a table or tabletop surface in a quality counter material and install it close to the dryer for easy access.

For the sink, invest in it like you would your bathroom sink. Some people choose unique styles like farmhouse basins or vessel sinks for the laundry room and elegant faucet finishes like brass and matte black. Storage solutions can be as extensive as you can make them with the space you have. You can have cabinet sets as well as open shelves and hanging racks, all in a matching style like you would have in your bedroom. By ensuring the space is as practical as possible and designing it to look connected to the rest of the home, you create a luxe laundry room that will add value to your home.

Special features

In addition to planning for convenience, some laundry rooms may include another level of features that truly make the laundry process luxurious. "Some [laundry rooms] have special features, like a steam closet that dries clothes for you," Drew Scott told PureWow. Such a feature can be a great investment if ironing or steaming is a big part of your routine and you'd like to simplify and speed up that specific chore. For example, the LG Styler Smart, priced at $900, is a wi-fi-enabled steam closet that helps gently dry and sanitize your clothes.

The laundry room's location and layout are also significant in creating a luxe experience, which is why Jonathan Scott recommends having it on the same floor as most of the bedrooms, if possible. As he explained to PureWow, this will make it much easier to go back and forth. You can even install a laundry chute right from the bedroom if it's on another level. Another savvy tip for a more efficient and stylish laundry room is to lay the space out in a way that makes the best use of your square footage and allows for the most sensible flow of movement between stations.