The Shower Design Trend Pinterest Is Loving For Bathrooms In 2024

When we look at trends for a new year, we often focus on our larger spaces like the kitchen or backyard. But in 2024, we're revamping our bathrooms into relaxation zones that we actually want to spend time in. Interior design experts have said that this year, it's all about sustainable luxury in our bathroom spaces, including bold colors and the inclusion of tech-forward appliances like smart showers and toilets. Pinterest, on the other hand, is focusing on smaller details, like shower doors. Instead of using shower curtains, the latest trend is to replace a standalone shower with glass doors and add a black grid design for a more dramatic effect.

Black grid shower doors create an industrial ambiance without feeling over done or heavy. They work best with bathrooms that do not have a bathtub, or have a bathtub separate from the shower. But beyond the shower placement, this design trend can elevate any bathroom space, regardless of your design aesthetic.

How to get the black grid shower door trend

Before you jump on this trend, make sure your space is equipped for a shower door and then consider the perfect shower door for it. The black grid portion of this trend is just the design. First, you'll need to determine the glass style and whether you want the door itself to be frosted or opaque. Does it slide open? Does it open like a normal door? How much are you willing to spend? All of these factors will greatly determine which black grid door you end up using for your space.

You can purchase a black grid shower door at your local hardware store or online at a variety of spots. For budget-friendly options, consider Home Depot, which has an array of doors, from a simple sliding frame for $649 to a more elaborate frameless option for $1,367. In theory, you can also DIY a shower door on your current builder-grade option using professional enamel paint and a lot of elbow grease.

How to style black grid shower doors

Black grid shower doors make a big statement, so while you don't have to do too much designing with them, you need to make sure they mesh with the rest of the room. Adding black grid will instantly make your space feel more modern, so you'll want to do away with any farmhouse elements you may currently have in the space. Gold fixtures can make a modern space feel classier and feminine, while adding mosaic tiles to the shower wall or floor can give the space a bit of an edge.

To ensure your black grid doesn't overwhelm the space, keep the bulk of your bathroom light, by making the walls and flooring black or gray. Even if you choose to add tiles, keep them black and white so you don't take away from the black grid. If you do want to add color, consider using a rust red or a blue quartz. Wood accents will also give the space some much-needed warmth.