How To Choose The Perfect Door For Your Shower

Earlier, when we spoke about walk-in showers, we said they are called "walk-in" because they are often restricted by a barrier, meaning you have to enter through an opening. Usually, these barriers are either shower curtains or actual doors. But, if we choose, we'll go for shower doors any time, any day. Shower doors are fantastic, and they aid with bathroom functionality. For one, they are a source of privacy, especially if you share a bathroom. They also function as an aesthetic addition and give the illusion of ample space, especially the glass variety, via Big Valley Mortgage

Furthermore, they serve as a border, preventing those annoying puddles from forming on bathroom floors, thus preventing accidents. If you do not already have a shower door, you might be doing yourself a great disservice. Either you want to change your old shower door, or you're doing an entire bathroom remodel, there are tons of shower doors for you to choose from. This then leads us to the question. What makes a great pick? Well, come find out!

Itemize your expectations

Remember the adage, "Cut your coat according to your size"? Well, shop your doors according to your expectations. When purchasing shower doors, you cannot afford to pick all willy-nilly. Instead, consider factors such as budget, privacy requirements, and the type of décor you're trying to attain. If you have little kids or the elderly in the house, it is only prudent to go for tempered glass. Tempered glass won't break from the slightest mishap since it's fourfold stronger than standard glass, per Omni Glass and Paint. Beyond your expectations, ensure your choice also fits within the realities your current shower allows. By this, we mean measurements.

Before you go online shopping or drive to the actual store, measure the dimensions of the existing shower door or its intended space. The experts at Basco Shower Enclosures say that you have to measure the breadth of the opening at the top and the bottom first. Do this wall to wall, and measure the middle if you can. Afterward, measure the height vertically. Start from the top to the tube and then to the edge of the shower. If the measurement differs, remember to always go with the bigger one.

Choose a door style

There are a plethora of shower door designs to choose from; however, only one can suit your needs at a given time. To make a stellar choice, review your expectations in relation to the doors available to you, and we're sure you would make an absolute steal. First on the list is the sliding shower doors. According to Big Bathroom Inspiration, this type is the best choice for slightly wider showers. It has two panels gliding on a track whenever you open or close them. 

If your shower's opening is standard (between 22 and 36 inches, per The Glass Doctor), it is unlikely that you would be able to fit in a sliding door. To this effect, your best pick would be a pivot shower door that comes as a standard hinged door — it's what allows inward and outward opening, via FritsJurgens. Finally, if your shower is a standalone, fixed into a corner of the bathroom, the ideal pick would be the round shower door. This shower door, however, doesn't expand your bathroom; its minimalistic design ensures that every placement looks organized.

Choose a glass style

Just like shower doors' style differs, so does the glass that goes into making them. And to find the perfect shower door for you, choosing the right kind of glass is rather imperative. We will put different glass types against each other to set the ball rolling. Think of it as a boxing ring, would you? Round one: clear glass vs. opaque or frosted glass. Round two: tempered glass vs. laminated glass.

The deal with clear glass is that its transparency creates the illusion of a larger space. If you have a small bathroom, one thing you want to avoid is making the place look all choked and cramped up, so the clear glass looks like a steal. But on the flip side, it is clear and offers you no privacy, says Alamo Glass. The frosted or opaque glass provides complete privacy and is your best bet for a good user experience, especially if you have kids or share the bathroom. Where you cannot decide, check out the option that combines clear and frosted glass; SpeedPro calls it etched glass. For the tempered and laminated glass fight, the tempered glass is less liable to break than the laminated variety. While the tempered may be more expensive, it's worth a good investment for people living with kids or the elderly.

To frame or not to frame

After choosing your preferred type of glass and design, the last lap is choosing between framed or frameless doors. The experts at Academy Glass and Mirror write that the frameless shower door is a steal because it prevents the growth of molds in crevices. We believe we need not emphasize the tendency of showers to grow mold and fungi. With frameless glass shower doors, their seamless and transparent structure ensures that all dirt is visible to the naked eye. And as such, easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the frameless glass shower door, which usually comes in clear glass, is a subtle way of flaunting your shower's interior décor.

On the other hand, framed shower doors tend to have crevices that could incentivize mold growth. But, with proper cleaning and scrubbing, you should be able to maintain the door and prevent it from mold, rust, and corroding, writes All Glass. The best part of the framed door is that you can match the frame with any recurring theme in your bathroom. Bronze, gold, or silver finishes? Blend the same in with your shower frame for an exquisite look!

Check out pricing and professionals

Ideally, a regular shower door of any design should cost only between $1,200 to $1,800, says Arrow Glass and Mirror. However, it could cost more if you contact manufacturers to create a custom door, especially if you are remodeling your old bathroom to one of elegant luxury. If not, any price above the earlier stated might be a rip-off.

Finally, everything boils down to proper installation when choosing the perfect shower door. We'd advise you to skip the DIY for proper and secure installation. This is because these doors are fragile since they're made of glass. According to Fixr, installing a shower door costs an average range of $900 to $2,500. Dulles Glass and Mirrors write that the entire shower door installation process is expected to take a minimum of two to four hours. For best results, call the handyman only when you're sure you have the time to monitor your project. Always check for reviews to ensure you're hiring professionals for the job. If you cannot find any, it may be best to move on to another.