TikTok's Tips On How To Keep An Organized Home With Children

Keeping your home organized is one thing, but keeping it in good order when you have children is another battle entirely. Much like pets, children create mess naturally. Toys are usually left scattered everywhere, while clothes can easily get spread across the floor. And that's not to mention spilled food and drink. Trying to keep your home tidy when children are around can quickly start to feel overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, we've found four tips for keeping your home tidy on TikTok, which include adding a shoe rack, using multipurpose furniture, getting rid of unused toys, and cleaning messes as you go. These tricks will help you regain a sense of order and restore your home to the oasis you want it to be. 

To keep your home orderly, you need to include practical ideas like implementing useful storage solutions as well as mindset changes that will help you control the mess instead of it controlling you. There's guaranteed to be a tip out there that can be applied to your home and lifestyle. The key thing to keep in mind is that, when you have children, tidying isn't just a weekly thing but an as-it-happens thing. By having a specific place for everything, you'll hopefully find it easier to create an organized home where you can. 

Tips 1 and 2: These are easy to implement

The first tip is super easy to implement — per @xomyhome on TikTok, you should add a shoe cupboard or rack right by the door. A good way to organize all of your shoes quickly, a shoe rack encourages your children to put away their shoes as soon as they get home and also implement a routine. You can start telling your children to do this from an early age so the routine is established faster. Make sure you take your shoes off too to set a precedent. You could even divide the rack into sections so each member of the family has a designated space to put on their shoes. 

The second tip revolves around storage. There are plenty of toy storage ideas out there, but one of the best is buying furniture that serves more than one purpose. You may love the idea of a velvet sofa, but realistically it won't look pristine for long with kids running around. Instead, opt for a sofa that lifts up to accommodate toys or an ottoman that can be used as both a place for your children to sit and to store their books. Multipurpose furniture is far better than using multiple baskets per room (though baskets can be very useful, too).

Tips 3 and 4: Keeping on top of the mess is key

Speaking of toys, doing a clear-out could make a world of difference. We're not saying to throw out all of your child's toys but observe which ones they most use and which ones are often kicked to the curb. You'll probably be surprised at how few toys your children like to play with regularly. Additionally, per @makenzieathome on TikTok, a good way to keep on top of things is by seeing if a toy fits in the designated toy storage area. If it doesn't, it has to go. Overflow creates clutter, so every time you buy a new toy, you should either give away or sell an old one to make room for the new purchase.

Finally, make sure you clean all messes as you go. For instance, while you're cooking, wash the dishes while making the food. Sometimes this isn't possible, but it's always better to wipe up any spills as they happen. This will create less work for you later on in the week when you do a big clean. These changes are all easy to implement and will help your house feel less like a pigsty and more like a home. It's inevitable that your home will be messy sometimes, but the above tips will help you control the mess rather than feel stressed out by it.