TikTok's Stunning DIY Wood Lamp That Also Adds A Touch Of Greenery To Any Room

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Are you in dire need of a new lamp for your living room? If so, check out this enticing rustic wood lamp you can DIY right at home. TikTok user @my_home_by_kendra created a striking lamp with a few simple materials: wood planks, wood panels, artificial vines, and string lights. The light feature illuminated her living room and elevated it with a touch of greenery. You can DIY various types of lamps, like a custom ping pong ball lamp, using affordable items from Amazon, Dollar Tree, and Ikea to give you excellent results. The materials for the TikToker's DIY aren't all available at Dollar Tree, but they're still affordable, so you won't have to spend too much money. The best part is you end up with a gorgeous new light feature and the bragging rights to say you made it.

This DIY wood lamp is the perfect weekend project; you can complete it in less than a day. Plus, you can customize it to fit your home's interior. The TikToker uses string lights for her lamp, but you can swap them for a couple of hanging lights or add an eccentric glow-up bar that lights up in different colors, then wrap the vines around it. There's so much you can do with this project. However, for this simple fairy light lamp that the TikToker creates, here's what you need and how to get started.

How to DIY a striking wood lamp

You'll need to gather a few materials to design your lamp: four wood boards from Home Depot, two wood panels from Walmart, acrylic paint from Walmart, artificial ivy vines from Amazon, and string lights from Walmart. For tools, you just need a drill gun, screws, and paintbrushes, and you can find adhesive hooks onĀ Amazon. TikTok user @my_home_by_kendra painted her wood lamp black, but you should choose a paint color that complements your home's interior. If you don't like dealing with paint, swap it for spray paint, or leave the natural wood.

To begin, build the frame by laying a wood panel upside down so the wood planks fit inside the pocket's corners. Then, grab the second panel and drill the panel into the boards. Drill one corner at a time to prevent the panel from coming out crooked. After you drill in the top panel, flip it over to drill the other panel into the boards. Starting at the top and then flipping the frame allows the boards to have a secure spot with one panel as the base so that you can perfectly drill the top panel.

After you build the frame, take it outside, paint it, and let it dry completely. Once the paint is dry, take it back inside and set up the lights and vines. Attach three to four adhesive hooks to the inside of the top panel. Finally, hang the lights and vines on the hooks so they take up the frame's interior.

Customizing your wood lamp with light bulbs and glass panels

The Christmas string lights give the wood lamp a whimsical touch; you'll feel transported to a peaceful fairy garden. However, if you don't like the look of the string lights, you can swap them for a different light fixture. Hanging light bulbs, for instance, can work to illuminate a dark corner and pair well with the vines. Finding the right hanging light bulbs can be tricky. Their plugs should be long enough to reach the wall, and it'd be best to find a pair of light bulbs turned on by a single plug.

Amazon has a three-light plug-in pendant light, where three light bulbs hang individually from the same rope. It's an excellent light feature you can use for your wood frame. You can use heavy-duty hooks to hold each light bulb and let them hang from the top panel. Since the rope cord is exceptionally long, you can wrap it around the back of the two wooden planks and plug it into the nearest outlet. Then, you can intertwine the vines around the hanging lights.