Use This IKEA KALLAX Hack To Create Custom Built-In Storage For Your Mudroom

Finding storage in a mudroom can be tricky, especially if you don't have much space to work with. However, if you have a gap in between cupboards or simply want to upgrade your mudroom space, then you could try an IKEA KALLAX hack by TikToker @just_gathered, which showcases how you can use the unit to create some pretty funky built-in storage. Due to its shape and design, it's perfect for fitting in spaces on your wall and can help to provide extra room for items such as shoes, coats, bags, dog toys, and more. It also looks quite modern, so if that's the look that you're aiming for, then this product is ideal.

Depending on your space, you could even double up and customize them how you want so you have plenty of room to stow things away. All you'll need is an IKEA KALLAX from IKEA for $64.99, some IKEA trim, brackets, a saw, screws, an electric screwdriver, and some adhesive for your trim. The unit itself comes available in white, black, and two different colors of oak, so you have plenty of choice. It also should come with screws and metal brackets, so you may not need to purchase any. Likewise, while you can choose whatever trim takes your fancy, this particular hack uses the BODBYN, which is available for $68 from IKEA.

How to install your custom built-in storage

Once you have your KALLAX unit on hand, you'll first need to construct it via the instructions provided before deciding where you want to put it. In this particular hack, she places it between two large cupboards, but you could also hang it vertically, or slot it into any other space freestanding on the floor — it all depends on what works best for your mudroom. If you want to attach it to your wall, do so using the screws and brackets provided with your screwdriver and place the plastic pieces over the top when you're done. Just make sure you scan your wall with a stud finder before attaching it to make sure you get it in the right place.

Once it's secure, you can get to work with your trim, using a saw to slice it to size for the sides of your KALLAX unit. Use your adhesive to apply it on each side, whether that's two or all four (it will depend on how you place it in your room), and allow it to adhere. Now, you should have some custom mudroom storage that not only looks beautiful but gives you plenty of storage space. However, you should ensure you don't put anything heavy on there, as it won't be able to hold anything more than 55 pounds.

Switch up the trim on your unit

While this hack undeniably looks the part and can help keep your mudroom clean, there are other ways you can make it your own, especially if you have a creative flair bubbling away inside you. The first thing you could change is the trim and try out some different styles, such as the STENSUND from IKEA for $74 or something ornamental from Lowe's for $14.98. However, there are plenty of other options available online and in-store to suit your taste. Likewise, you have the option to paint your unit to match the rest of your mudroom to help it blend in seamlessly, rather than sticking to wood, white, or black, which may become an eyesore if the shade doesn't coordinate with the rest of the space.

You can also add additional inserts with doors, which are available again from the IKEA website for a grand total of $15. This is useful if you have a lot of clutter you want to stow away and keep out of sight. Whatever you decide to do with it, you should be left with some stylish extra storage to allow you to keep the space tidy. Just make sure you take your time to install it correctly, as you don't want it falling off your wall or breaking!