The Dollar Tree Storage Solution That Pulls Double Duty In Your Closet

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Whether you're working with a small closet or walk-in wardrobe, staying organized can be challenge. Even if you do your best to keep everything tucked away in a dresser, over time, drawers become a mess of tangled knots of socks, stockings, and undergarments. While it's tempting to spend money on special organization systems, more often than not, they end up adding unnecessary bulk. But you may not have to do this. Thanks to a genius TikTok hack shared by @momingthisshiz, you can quickly and efficiently tidy up any space with nothing more than a Dollar Tree belt and tie hanger. This handy trick is one of the best ways to organize your closet and costs only $1.25, with instant results.

As noted by @morningthisshiz, you'll find that his hack works great for bras. Since their straps can quickly become tangled when lying flat in a drawer, hanging them in a closet can work to keep everything neat and organized. You can also use this storage hack outside the closet, too. For instance, instead of spending money on a jewelry organizer, which can cost as much as $100, you can hang the dollar tree hanger over a Command Hook attached to your dresser. This way, you'll be able to display your necklaces and hoop earrings without breaking the bank. And the hack's uses don't stop there. If you like to reuse produce bags, hang one of the Dollar Tree hangers in your pantry, providing your mesh bags with dedicated storage space. You could also use this trick in your laundry room, drying pantyhose and other undergarments.

Purchase Dollar Tree belt and tie hangers

You can hang the Dollar Tree hangers from your existing closet rod or add Command Hooks to your closet walls. Just be sure to use the appropriate Command Hooks based on weight. Amazon sells 5-pound Command Hooks for $4.48, making this an affordable way of organizing your space. If you want something sturdier, you could always drill metal hooks into your closet walls. Keep in mind if you're a renter, however, you may not be able to make these kinds of alterations.

If you've seen the DIY hack to maximize closet space by hanging a second rod, you could further double up on organization space. Once you've placed your Dollar Tree hangers, you can hang anything you want from the hooks, or place items like scarves through the holes. One TikToker suggested using the hanger to organize denim shorts, while another advised using theirs to hang their pet's leashes. However, be careful of hanging bulky, heavy items, such as jeans, multiple shirts, or anything else that would add too much weight to the hanger. According to one commenter, too much weight can cause the hook to separate from its nylon base. A workaround would be to reinforce the hook with a bit of tape, preventing it from separating.