TikTok Has A Great Reason For Book Lovers To Reuse An Old Glass Jar

If you're a book lover looking for a challenge, you've come to the right place. We all have a towering stack of books in the corner of the room that we've been meaning to work our way through. The never-ending list of books that need to be read never seems to get smaller. We're all guilty of leaving Target with at least one book in hand. While you can say the next book you read will be one that's been on your to-be-read (TBR) list, you end up reading one you recently bought. To get you out of your shell and force you to make your way through your TBR list, TikTok users have devised a brilliant way to tackle your stack by simply reusing an old glass jar.

Repurposing old glass jars around the house prevents them from sitting in the back of a cabinet, taking up space, and collecting dust. You can reuse any old glass jar to hold your bookmarks, micro-mini book charms, and pens. However, the challenge TikTok users have created is using their old glass jar to add scraps of paper with the book titles on their TBR. Once they write down every book, they put the rolled-up papers in the jar and choose one they'll read next. It's an exciting way to read books you've been meaning to read, and you'll save a little money by not buying books until you get through the entire jar. There are a few ways to decorate and fill your jar to fit in with your bookshelf.

Filling your jar with book titles

For this project, you'll need an old glass jar, a piece of paper, a pen or highlighter, and scissors. Start by writing down all the book titles from your TBR list on paper, as shown by TikTok user @tatumreadsbooks. Then, cut each title out so you end up with multiple strips. Fold the strips into tiny squares. Next, throw the squares in the glass jar, cover the top with a lid or your hand, and shake the bottle to mix up the titles. Once everything is thoroughly mixed, pick out one square to find out what book you'll read first. If you set monthly goals, where you decide how many books you want to read in one month, you can pick out the books you will read according to your goal so that you have them set aside. Or, simply choose a new square after you complete the first one to be surprised.

Further, you can decorate your old jar to make the project more exciting and give it a chic transformation. For instance, tie a ribbon under the lid, add stickers around the jar, or paint the exterior. Give the jar a theme based on the genres you enjoy reading. If you enjoy romance books, paint little hearts all over the jar. If you're an artist, paint something more detailed, like the cover of your favorite romance, fantasy, or mystery book. Decorate your bookshelf with your jar.

Ways to decorate your bookshelf with your jar

Once you finish decorating your jar with your chosen book theme, use it as a bookend on your bookshelf. It's the perfect multi-functional décor feature in your room, home office, or private library. You could also use a second old glass jar to put the squares you've read inside to see your progress. As you get through your TBR jar, you'll see the second jar filling up. Each jar can be used as a bookend on a single shelf or scattered throughout your bookcase. You could also decorate them with fairy lights so they glow on the shelves. After you get through all of your TBR squares, purchase more books and start the challenge over.

Instead of using your jars as bookends, intertwine them with your books. For instance, put your jar on a stack of books on your shelf. Lay two books flat on the shelf and add the jar on top. Find ways that work for your bookshelves. You can slowly incorporate more décor like small plants, picture frames, figurines, and candles that fit your bookcase's aesthetic.