The IKEA Bed Frame You Need To Maximize Your Bedroom Storage

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In modern homes where space is a premium, choosing furniture often boils down to one question: "Will it fit?" Beds, essential yet space-intensive, exemplify this dilemma. This is where multifunctional designs like the IKEA MALM storage bed come in. Its innovative design combines the essential function of a bed with the added benefit of storage, making it an ideal choice for optimizing limited living space.

The IKEA MALM storage bed is pretty neat because instead of cramming in an extra dresser or shelf, you've got everything tucked away right under where you sleep. The under-bed storage is perfect for those items you don't use daily but still want within easy reach. Think seasonal clothing, extra bedding, or spare linens that are essential yet not in constant rotation. It's also ideal for stashing away bulky winter jackets or guest towels, keeping them out of sight but readily available when needed. It's also ideal for those embracing a minimalist layout, giving you a more organized and less cluttered space.

Why getting IKEA MALM is a great idea

The IKEA MALM storage bed, available in both black-brown and white, offers a visually appealing design that can easily complement any room's aesthetic. If you're worried about getting dust under your bed, the IKEA MALM has a base board that keeps all your items off the floor, so they stay dust-free. You can also use storage bins to organize items inside your bed's hidden storage, maximizing its available space further. The IKEA MALM storage bed also comes in a different design — with four pull-out storage boxes.

What sets the MALM bed apart is its user-friendly lift mechanism. Equipped with a gas piston and spring system, it enables easy access to stored items. A gentle tug on the strap is all it takes to lift the bed base smoothly and effortlessly. This feature is especially advantageous for those seeking convenience and ease of use, as it ensures that accessing the storage space doesn't require significant effort or cause strain to your back.

Many folks online are pleased with their MALM beds from IKEA. They're talking about how solid and good quality they are. Some of these beds have been going strong for over 15 years. Additionally, some users attribute instances of perceived poor quality to errors in assembly rather than flaws in the bed frame itself.

Cons of the IKEA MALM bed frame

The IKEA MALM bed has garnered a range of opinions from users, reflecting both its advantages and some concerns. One of the most common complaints people have about this bed frame is how it tends to creak and squeak. Meanwhile, many others do not have this problem. This sound is apparently due to the metal frame and the slatted bed base. A quick solution is to place a thick adhesive felt between the two. Another solution is running duct tape along the metal frame. Some TikTok users also recommend staying far away from IKEA bed slats because they usually need an extra plastic piece to keep them in place. Fortunately, IKEA gives this out for free; you can also buy a pack of two, four, or eight of these on Amazon for $6.95, $8.95, and $10.95, respectively.

Meanwhile, one review mentioned that the supports, including the bed slats and the center support beam, aren't included when you purchase the bed frame. However, this may be location-specific, so it's best that you check the fine print before buying the bed. Lastly, some users shared how they tend to stub their toes or bang their shins against the bed, leading to shin injuries.