The Gorgeous Shower Curtain Alternative Pinterest Is Loving

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Shower curtains are necessary for two reasons: to keep the water in the shower instead of it splashing all over your bathroom, and for privacy if you live with family or roommates. However, the traditional curtain style may have had its day. Instead of a regular shower curtain, Pinterest recommends a semi-frosted glass window instead. Much more elegant than the curtain hanging over your tub that has probably seen better days, this upgrade will make a major difference to the look of your bathroom.

While there are plenty of stylish shower curtain designs out there, the style itself doesn't look good in all bathrooms, especially small ones where it can take up precious floor space. By swapping out for a frosted glass window, you'll be saving space and bringing style to your bathroom in the process. If you're sold on the idea but don't know where to start, here's all you need to know about swapping out your shower curtain for a fancier upgrade.

Swapping out your curtain for a door could be the style upgrade you've been looking for

Not only will a half-frosted shower window give you more privacy, but it's also an excellent way to separate your bathroom into sections. Though it's a very necessary part of a bathroom, having to look at your toilet while unwinding in the bath or shower isn't the dreamiest of sights. A frosted window will help to give each part of your bathroom (like your vanity and toilet) a distinct place in your bathroom rather than all blending into one.

However, you won't be completely isolated due to part of the window remaining unfrosted. Plus, if you like to unwind by catching up on your latest read in the bath, semi-frosted glass won't obscure natural light or the light from any bulbs in your bathroom (though depending on the pattern you choose, it will still block some light out). You can also create extra privacy with a glass window by choosing one with a pattern or design on it.

You can customize the window to suit your look

The beauty of this trend is that you can pick pretty much any design. Pure frosted windows can have an outdated connotation, but a semi-frosted window won't look as old-fashioned. Potential styles include flowers, swirls, or a simple half-frosted, half-clear glass design. You can even DIY the style using a frosted film screen like the Coavas Privacy Film Frosted Glass Window. There are also patterned options like the Niviy Film Frosted Glass Bathroom Door Decoration.

As for cost, this will vary depending on the design. If you opt to get a design installed, the more specific it is, the more expensive it'll be. Glass for a regular shower door can cost anywhere between $50 to $150 per square foot, but this price will rise for frosted and semi-frosted designs. However, unlike with a shower curtain, you won't have to swap out your shower door every few months because of potential mold and mildew (if you clean it properly). In this way, the cost evens out. The next time you go to swap out your shower curtain, consider upgrading to a semi-frosted door for improved style and function.