The Simple DIY Duster That You And Your Wallet Will Love

While brand-name dusters like Swiffer are convenient and effective, they end up costing you over time and are rather wasteful. Because the duster heads of these products are designed to be disposable, you'll keep spending money for more that will eventually end up in a landfill. Thankfully, this easy DIY will help you to make your own duster with just some fabric and either a wire hanger or an old Swiffer duster handle.

Depending on how you'd like to design your duster, you can sew your materials or use fabric glue to create a durable, reusable duster. If you prefer something a bit easier, simply attach your dusting cloth to your handle with a rubber band. Microfiber cloths, fleece, and flannel are all great materials for picking up dust that can easily be washed and used over and over again and you likely already have some in your home, making this project budget and eco-friendly. In a pinch, pantyhose may be able to be used for dusting, though it might be more difficult to clean your duster and the material could tear more easily.

Crafting a DIY duster

If you don't have any leftover duster handles, you can quickly make one from a simple wire hanger. To start, untwist the hanger and start shaping it into a straight line, except for the hook. Bend the hook over toward the straight portion of the wire and twist the pieces together to form a handle. Since the other end of the hanger could be sharp, double it over and twist the end around the base of your handle. If it's uncomfortable to hold, you can untwist it again to adjust the size to fit your hand better, or you could cover the handle portion with fabric and secure it with glue for a better grip. You may also choose to leave the end of your duster longer to help you dust the most hard-to-reach spots in your home.

With this simple handle, the easiest way to add your duster is by taking a microfiber cloth and centering it over the end of your duster. Bunch the ends together and secure them to the handle with a rubber band, or tie it with a piece of scrap fabric or string. A piece of pantyhose may also be attached to the end.

Making a DIY duster head for a Swiffer handle

For those who have used Swiffer or other duster brands in the past, try designing a more efficient duster head that can slip onto the handle you already have. Even if you don't have a Swiffer handle, these dusters could be modified to fit over your homemade handle. Start by gathering either a few microfiber cloths or ½ yard of fleece or flannel. You may be able to repurpose an old shirt or blanket for this rather than buying new fabric.

To use microfiber cloths, take two and trim 3 inches from each side. Take the pieces you've trimmed and cut them in half again before laying them over your cloths. Sew or use fabric glue to attach the pieces in the center, so that they hang on the sides. On the backside of one cloth, make an outline of glue that's slightly larger than the handle and press the two cloths together. Cut the rest of the fabric into strips to match your pieces from the beginning. For other types of fabric, try cutting square or rectangular pieces of descending sizes. Lay them on top of each other so that the largest piece is at the bottom and sew or glue down the middle to attach them all together. You will also need to glue or sew a section to hold the handle in the center of the duster. Cut your fabric into ¼- or ½-inch strips and fluff them.