Create A Stunning Hanging Basket Planter From A Dollar Tree Colander

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When spring rolls around, you might start looking for decorating tips to elevate your outdoor living space. One of the best ways to accentuate this extension of your home is with bright, colorful hanging plants. Unfortunately, hanging baskets can quickly add up price-wise, especially if you like an abundance of foliage around your home. But thanks to an incredible hack, you can transform a Dollar Tree colander into a bespoke planter. To complete this DIY, simply add plastic wrap to the bottom of the colander, poke holes in it, fill it with soil and plants, and then add twine or a chain for hanging.

Seeing as these planters currently cost just $1.25, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank, especially since some decorative planters cost over $20. If you're someone who wants complete creative control over your home decor, this hack is even more ideal. You can put these whimsical planters inside and outside your home, depending on your design scheme. If you don't like the color of your colander, you can easily add a coat of paint to dress it up. Just be sure to use the best paint for your colander's material. A good choice is chalk paint, as it adheres to virtually all surfaces without much or any prep work. It's also important to coat outdoor planters with a sealant, such as liquid rubber. This will help keep your planter looking its best for years to come. Once complete, you'll have swoon-worthy DIY hanging planters.

Purchase colanders for your hanging baskets

To carry out this hack, purchase the Dollar Tree colander of your choice. Next, fold a length of cling wrap in half several times until you have a thick plastic liner for your basket. Once you've placed it in the bottom of the colander, remember to poke holes through the plastic with a skewer to allow water to drain out. For a more decorative touch, you might want to use coconut coir as a liner instead, which can cut down on your use of plastic. Additionally, coconut coir gives your planter a chic, rustic appearance while keeping your plants moist and reducing how often they require watering. You can purchase a roll of this material on Amazon for about $13, keeping this DIY project within a reasonable budget. 

After you complete these steps, run chain or twine through the colander's drainage holes to complete your project. Amazon sells a 5-pack of chains for about $13, keeping with the theme of an affordable project. You can also upcycle colanders from around your house, making this hack even more cost-effective while working to keep waste out of landfills. Once complete, it's time to start planting the flowers or greenery of your choice. Without spending much, you'll have a custom plant basket perfect to dress up any outdoor space.