Is This DIY TikTok Trend Attracting Mold To Your Bathroom Ceiling? Our Interior Designer Weighs In

Pole wrap is a material made of slated wood that is typically used to decorate poles. These days, TikTokers are using this newly trendy material all around their homes. DIY enthusiast @eyeinthedetail shared a tutorial on how she covered her bathroom ceiling with pole wrap by simply cutting the material to size, applying adhesive, and securing it with the help of a pin-nailer. You might be wondering whether this DIY could encourage mold growth in your bathroom. Speaking exclusively to House Digest, Arsignt founder and principal designer Artem Kropovinsky revealed that the pole wrap may do just that.

"Combining unusual materials such as pole wrap in the bathroom ceiling can greatly enhance the visual, but it is an issue with the mold growth that is justified in a humid bathroom environment," shared Kropovinsky. He also explained that wood absorbs moisture more readily than many other materials. Luckily, there are other options out there that may help you achieve a similar look without increasing your chances of mold growth.

These alternative materials are bathroom safe

As you can see in @eyeinthedetail's TikTok video, she makes sure to cut out a space for her exhaust fan. Unfortunately, the exhaust fan alone will not eliminate the risk of mold growing underneath the pole wrap attached to the bathroom ceiling. A large amount of moisture is produced in the room and the porous wood material, which will simply absorb the moisture, is not bathroom safe.

For those still eager to try out this trend, Kropovinsky shared a couple of recommendations. "To achieve a similar textured result but having more durability, do consider materials that are moisture resistant e.g. PVC or vinyl bead board," he said. "Those substitutes imitate the lovely texture of pole wrap denoting a higher resistance to bathroom moisture." You should be able to pick both of those materials up at your local home improvement store. The vinyl beadboard is available at Home Depot for $27.98 per panel. The store also sells a wide variety of PVC trim, with one of their most affordable options starting at $108.27 per box.

Keep this in mind if you insist on using pole wrap in your bathroom

If you insist on applying pole wrap to your bathroom ceiling despite the risk of mold growth, or if you completed the DIY before learning the risks, there are a few steps you can take to protect your home. "For those choosing the pole wrap, good maintenance is the key to avoid mold," Kropovinsky told House Digest. In his mind, keeping the space well-ventilated and clean with frequent use of non-abrasive detergent can keep mold development under control.

Remember that these maintenance tips may help you reduce the likelihood of mold growth, but they do not eliminate the risk altogether. It is still best to avoid installing pole wrap in your bathroom in the first place. Kropovinsky stressed the importance of evaluating whether the materials you choose are appropriate for bathroom design projects. "Aesthetic choices should be balanced with practicality in bathroom designs," he explained. "Select materials that will endure the test of time and humidity and reflect your personality."