How Social Media Makes Scoring Free Houseplants So Much Easier

Social media has simplified community and communication so much over the years. It makes it easier to keep up with our friends and family, and also to develop and maintain brand new connections. One way that social media helps create community is by providing platforms for people to connect around shared interests. From cooking to gardening, there is sure to be an online group out there that you can fit into and benefit from. Gardening groups, for example, can be organized around a certain town or county so people can share local tips and even give out freebies when available.

When people build a community around a shared passion, it makes them willing to help out whenever they can. This is why gardening groups and clubs, in person and online, are great places to learn and grow in your hobby. You'll be able to find people who can provide sound advice about an issue you're facing with your plants and you'll be first in line when they want to get rid of something. Just make sure you are also contributing to the group and giving back when you can.

Getting free plants

If you're looking to score free houseplants, look up the online group chats and platforms that are in your area. Neighborhood platforms like Buy Nothing and Freecycle are designed to encourage sharing among neighbors and can be a source for plants and so much more. You can also check Facebook with simple keywords like gardening and your city or county's name and something might pop up. Join and participate and you'll be in the know whenever people have plants to give away. Some Facebook groups are actually global with people shipping seeds and cuttings all over the world. An example is 'Free plants and seeds for humanity' which is a public group with over 55k members that doesn't allow anything for sale.

We also recommend following the social media pages of your favorite plant stores or those in your area. Whenever they need to make space for new plants and are having giveaways or special discounts, you'll be the first to know when they post about it on their Instagram or TikTok. Free products go fast so you might have to be quick when you see the announcement.

Getting other types of freebies

Freebies aren't guaranteed so it's good to have other options on how to grow your houseplant collection for free.99. One major hack is propagation. If you've scoured social media for free plants without luck, you might be able to find someone willing to let go of a piece. This is especially helpful when you want a specific plant. You can request a cutting under someone's post about their plant, for example, or make your own post with your request.

Trendy, aesthetic plants are always in demand, but you can also go for delicious herbs like parsley and mint, which are easy to propagate. Once you have your cutting, heed plant expert Hilton Carter's useful tips for propagating plants. You won't be in charge of how it's cut but you can do your best to care for it by using a clear container and putting it in bright, indirect light. Some other freebies you can look out for are seeds, pots, containers, and other gardening tools and materials.