The Cleaning Product TikTok Swears By For A Dazzling Bathroom

One corner of TikTok, known as #CleanTok, has become such a pinnacle of cleaning information, tips, and tricks that when one user says there's a life-changing product we need to try, we listen. One product making the rounds right now is OxiClean, formerly known as Kaboom. Don't stress about the name change, because the formulas are identical across the products. In particular, CleanTokers swear by the OxiClean Foam-Tastic product for cleaning up bathroom surfaces, though OxiClean has a range of other household and bathroom cleaners available. And it's not just TikTokers who love it; the reviews for this cleaner have a near-perfect average rating, with hundreds of 5-star reviews. 

Foam-Tastic has a vibrant blue color that comes out as a luscious mousse, then turns white when it's time to wipe and rinse away the suds. It's formulated to tackle soap scum, grime, and stains — three things that are incredibly common in the bathroom. Soap and toothpaste residue, product stains, and all other manner of icky sludge can quickly accumulate on bathtubs, showers, sinks, and bathroom counters, so it's good sense to use a formula design to tackle these issues in the bathroom. Foam-Tastic can also be used safely on all bathroom surfaces, which is great news since that means you won't have to risk mixing chemical cleaners, potentially causing a dangerous reaction. 

How does Foam-Tastic work?

The biggest question about Foam-Tastic is probably whether or not the color-changing effect actually indicates that the product is done cleaning and is ready to be wiped away. As magical as it would be, that is not the case. The color of the spray changes with prolonged exposure to air, specifically the 0.4% that is made up of Carbon Dioxide. Because Carbon Dioxide makes up such a small part of the composition of air, it takes a while for the effect to take place. So the color change isn't an indicator of cleanliness, but should instead work as a visual timer so you know that the product has sat long enough to actually work. 

Foam-Tastic is made up of a lengthy list of chemicals with equally lengthy names, but despite the brand name, it doesn't actually have any of the oxygen-based, non-chlorine bleaches that OxiClean is known for including in their formulas: Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Percarbonate, and Sodium Perborate (but it does contain the cleaning agent Sodium Hydroxide). There is no detailed explanation from Kaboom or OxiClean about how each of these chemicals works to leave bathroom surfaces sparkling, but thousands of people swear by it. However, if you are concerned about chemical health and environmental safety, it should be noted the product has received an F from the Environmental Working Group for several ingredients that cause some moderate concern. As always, be sure to do plenty of research about a product before using it in your home.