Use This Clever Trick To Increase Bathroom Counter Space While Getting Ready

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Many people with small bathrooms can relate to struggling to find space to fit all their hygiene products, makeup, and other bathroom-related items on their limited counter space. If that dilemma frequently frustrates you when you get ready in your bathroom, don't jump to replacing your countertop and vanity for more spacious options just yet. Instead of spending all that money on such a drastic bathroom change, consider the more convenient option of just working with a bath tray.

All you have to do is put your bath tray on your sink instead of your bathtub and put whatever you need to get ready on it so that all your getting-ready items don't eat up so much counter space. After all, the bath tray will require no installation, so you can move it wherever you want, whenever you want. Plus, since bathtub trays are typically flat, you should have no problem finding somewhere to store yours when you're not using the item. So, are you ready to give bathtub trays a chance for extra countertop space?

Check out these bathtub trays

Even if you don't already have a bathtub tray that you can use to hold your getting-ready items, there are plenty of options to fit various budgets and styles, such as the minimalist white JeashCHAT Retractable Bathtub Storage Rack, available for about $10 at Walmart. The no-frills bath tray is super versatile, letting you put any products you need on it without any unnecessary extra features or designs getting in the way. On the other hand, many fancier-looking bath trays will make your space like a spa when you use them in the tub and on your sink when getting ready.

For example, the Brightroom Bamboo Bathtub Caddy sells for $35 at Target, exuding a chic, spa-like vibe, and many people enjoy the design and high quality. So, if you want to splurge on a fancier option, you may want to check out this boujee bamboo product. Or, if you have a specific sink or bathtub size or style, look for a practical option that can shift sizes to fit your bathtub and sink area perfectly, like the Yamazaki Expandable Bathtub Caddy, with a price of $32 at West Elm

Be pragmatic, and try using other home items for this hack

While the bath tray hack can be super helpful, it isn't always realistic, depending on which products you're using. If you're doing your hair or makeup, the bath tray should be perfect for storing those items on the sink, as you shouldn't need to use the sink for those aspects of getting ready. However, if you're doing skincare and washing your face, you'll need the sink, so you shouldn't store face washes and skincare items on a tray in the sink area. Still, other products, like perfumes, are ideal for the hack.

Also, a bath tray isn't the only item you can use for the hack. For instance, are you looking for a creative way to repurpose cutting or cheese boards outside your kitchen? People find all kinds of ways to upcycle these boards, such as making art displays, plant hangers, and bookstands, so why not use them on your sink to hold your makeup and hair items like you'd use a bath tray? After all, many cutting and cheese boards don't look too different from bath trays in structure and design. Or, similar to the original bath tray hack, try using a shower caddy. These objects should be easy to transport and place various bathroom-related items in. So, consider putting them in your sink in addition to your shower, serving the same purpose for your bathroom vanity as they do in your shower but for getting ready.