Upcycle A Thrifted CD Shelving Unit Into A Small Space Storage Solution

For those who want fun and creative ways to repurpose unique pieces from thrift stores, garage sales, or sites like Facebook Marketplace, this DIY storage project is a great way to convert a CD tower into a convenient piece that's just right for small spaces. This project is also perfect for those who have an old CD tower gathering dust. Depending on the size and style of your CD shelving unit, you could create a tall but slim storage space for your bathroom or kitchen, a nice set of shelves for tools, craft supplies, decorations, or displays, or even a tote-like storage box with a handle.

This DIY is super customizable, as what you create is entirely up to you. Your storage piece could be open for stacking items like toilet paper, have various-sized shelves, or be turned on its back to make a cute box. You could also use wood stain or paint to change the look of your CD tower, or leave it as is if you already like its aesthetic.

Prepping your thrifted CD shelving unit

To start, you'll need to decide how you would like to transform your CD tower. If you'd like an open storage piece with no shelves at all, start by removing the metal or plastic slots on the inside. You might need to use a screwdriver or it may be possible to simply rip them out. For those who would like to have shelves, though, you'll want to consider what shelf size will be best before deciding how many CD slots you'll remove. For example, if you're planning to install small shelves, the CD slots might already be the perfect size to keep them in place. On other CD tower styles, however, you might already have wooden shelves as well as slots to hold the discs, so on these models, it could be beneficial to remove the CD spaces, leaving the built-in shelves. These larger shelves can then be used for a small bookcase, or as a divider for a storage box if flipped over.

Once you've decided on whether or not to keep the slots, you can decide on what type of shelves you need to procure, and if you'd like to paint your wire or wood CD tower. It's best to complete all sanding, staining, or painting before fixing any shelves or handles into place. For those that want shelves, try having wooden boards cut to the right size, and then you can paint them to match your storage piece.

Upcycling your CD tower into a storage solution

If you want an open storage unit with no shelves, you're already finished and can place your upcycled CD tower in its new home. Alternatively, if you go the shelf route, now's the time to insert your shelves into the disc holders that you left in place. If your CD tower already comes equipped with shelves you like, find a nice spot to place it and use your new storage for DIY supplies, like spray paint cans, knick-knacks, or any other items in your house that need a little organization.

For those who want to make a cute storage box, you'll need to craft the handle and attach it to the sides of your CD shelving unit. Take two small planks of wood and cut them so that they are twice the height of your CD tower when it's on its back. You'll also need to cut one end of each into a triangular shape with a flat rather than a pointed end. Drill a hole in corresponding spots on the cut end of both pieces of wood. Use wood glue to attach these to the sides of your box. You'll need to find a cylindrical piece of wood that can fit between these two posts to act as your handle. A dowel rod or maybe a spindle leftover from another DIY are both good options. Place the rod in the holes of your posts and secure with wood glue.