TikTok's Bathroom Upgrade Has Viewers Racing To Get A New Faucet

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You've read all the tips for choosing the perfect kitchen faucet for your sink. But what about your bathroom? Kitchen sinks traditionally come with upgraded faucets that offer a variety of spray options and detachable nozzles. Unfortunately, these features are less common in the bathroom, an area that would benefit greatly from them. But according to TikToker @minkreacts, you can easily correct this issue with a custom faucet from Amazon. For $63 (when on sale), you can purchase a faucet for your bathroom sink, complete with a pull-out sprayer. And if that's not enough to send you clicking the "buy now" button, this handy faucet comes with a mouthwash feature, making teeth brushing a breeze. 

If you have little ones in the house, this fun mouthwash feature will make their teeth-cleaning routine one they look forward to. Plus, it's akin to a water fountain, making it easy to grab a middle-of-the-night drink if you're not in the mood to walk to the kitchen. Although this faucet can make your daily routine that much easier, it can also improve your bathroom cleaning experience. When you wash your sink, you can use the detachable nozzle to remove dirt and grime from the far corners of your sink basin. And since it also has a spray option, you'll have an extra powerful stream of water at your disposal. This also makes cleaning makeup brushes that much easier as you can control the flow of your water. 

Make sure the faucet is a good fit

Although it's tempting to purchase this faucet sight unseen, you need to ensure your new faucet and sink are compatible. For starters, check to see if you have a one-, two-, three-, or four-hole sink. The Amazon faucet shown in @minkreacts's TikTok video is a single-hole faucet, so be sure your sink can accommodate this. If it does, you're good to purchase your new faucet and install it. If you're uncomfortable with this step, you may want to consult a professional plumber. If not, it takes roughly an hour to install a new faucet in your bathroom, making this a fast hack with countless benefits. 

If you opt to install it yourself, be prepared for possible hiccups. For example, you may encounter issues while replacing your existing faucet, especially if it's old. You might find corroded pipes, which can lead to potential water leaks. If you suspect this may be the case, it's best to defer to the pros for installation. You also need access to the proper tools for swapping out a faucet, including a screwdriver, a wrench, plumber's tape, and more. But with a little elbow grease, you'll upgrade your space in no time. Coupled with some incredible bathroom remodel ideas that will inspire you, this faucet adds a sleek, sophisticated, and functional element to any bathroom design.