Why You Can Skip The Cleaner Next Time You Scrub The Grill

To keep your grill safe and clean this summer, make sure everything is the way it should be. Check that the area is well-ventilated, ensure the grill is on a stable surface, and search for leaks if using a gas tank. Your grill should also be very clean so your food is safe for consumption. Some people say grills don't require cleaning because the high heat that's generated can take care of germs, while others think that only certain types of cleaning products can effectively remove the grime. We've found that the ideal approach may be somewhere in the middle. While you should be cleaning your grill after every use, it's best to skip the commercial cleaners to avoid the residue of any harmful chemicals leaching into your food.

Commercial cleaners are advertised to help with breaking down the grease and burnt layers that are difficult to cut through, but it's not advisable to use them because their chemicals can harm our health. Of course, we obviously shouldn't be ingesting any cleaning products, but this could happen if any leftover cleaner is on the grill when cooking our food. We recommend investing in a good scrubbing brush instead, because that's really all you need. You can also create a DIY brush by balling up some aluminum foil and using long tongs to hold the foil ball while you go over the grill grates.

How to clean a grill without a commercial cleaner

It's common to use a stiff-wire brush to clean a grill, but they are risky to use because the wire bristles can fall off and into your food. Instead, look for a grill stone, scraper, or any good, non-wire brush instead. It should have a long handle so you can use it at a comfortable distance if you're cleaning while it's still hot. One product with very good reviews is the GRILLART brush scraper that costs $20 on Amazon. It is made of stainless steel, designed with no bristles, and customers love that it's sturdy and durable. Just go over the grill grates with the brush after every use while it's still hot. If it's cold, turn on the grill and boil a small amount of water in a metal tin to create steam so the residue is easier to remove. 

If you're dealing with old, stubborn residue, you can incorporate some basic ingredients as you scrub. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it on the grill, and scrub. Then, when the grill has cooled down, take a cloth and wipe down the grates. Another grill cleaning hack is to hold half an onion with long tongs and run it across the surface. The acidity will help break down the grease. Between these simple methods, you can skip the commercial cleaners and the toxic chemicals they contain.