The Mason Jar Hack You'll Want To Know About In Case Of A Power Outage

Since their invention in 1858, mason jars have been a DIY-er's best friend. These versatile jars are beloved for canning, used as water glasses by countless minimalist households, and used for storage. Because they are airtight, mason jars are terrific for storing matches. The jar keeps moisture away too, so they're great for basement storage. 

In case of an emergency like a blackout, it's good to know exactly where your matches are. But it's even more vital that they're dry and ready for use. Keeping them in a repurposed mason jar with a simple DIY strike lid makes it easier than ever to have these handy tools at the ready. The waterproof nature of the jar also makes this DIY perfect for camping, though we suggest getting a mini jar for easier packing.

All you need to do is trace out the ring jar lid onto the back of a piece of sandpaper. Cut the sandpaper circle out. Put your strike-anywhere matches into the mason jar. From there, place the circle on top of the flat jar lid and twist the sealing lid onto the jar, holding the paper in place without a need for adhesive. Now your matches are securely stashed.

Remember to store matches in a dark place

Considering that matches come in opaque boxes, it shouldn't be a surprise that they're best kept away from the light. Matches can be a flame hazard when exposed to too much heat or light changes, and a mason jar isn't going to protect them from either of these environmental factors, so there are additional steps you should take when making a striking jar. 

If you're using a mason jar you already own, give it an opaque paint job. By painting the jar so no light can get through, you can still benefit from the waterproofing without risking the matches coming alight. If you need to buy a jar, buy one that is already darkly colored or, better yet, impossible to see through. You can always write "matches" on the outside of the jar to keep track of its contents.

Another way to prevent mishaps is to keep your matches out of direct sunlight. That's a bit harder when they're stored in a mason jar instead of a tiny matchbox, though not impossible. You can keep them in a pantry, a cupboard, or even on a shelf in the basement. They can also stay cool and out of light if placed in a bugout bag, which is a good option for the miniature jar idea we mentioned earlier too.