Don't Throw Out Your Mason Jar Lids. Try This Creative Candle Trick

Are you looking for ways to repurpose old Mason jars or at least the lids? Consider using those lids as convenient candle holders. For instance, Ventuno Art — a YouTube account with over a million subscribers — posted a video transforming a Mason jar lid into an adorable candle holder. First, the person covered the logo and attached a frilly little purple ribbon around the lid for a cute embellishment.

Then, they placed the candle in the center of the upside-down lid, and it served as a lovely-looking holder to frame and draw attention to the light. The video also showed a lid with a brighter, more noticeable pink and black trim in addition to the one with the dainty purple ribbon. Both Mason jar lids beautifully complemented the compact tea light candles. While you should never try this for long, wobbly candles — as doing so could be unsafe — it's a helpful hack for the tea light option. So, before you spend money on pre-made candle holders for your sturdy, small candles, consider reusing your Mason jar lids instead.

Or incorporate the full Mason jar

Anyone looking for a clever spin on classic holders for their tea light candles shouldn't feel limited to only reusing the Mason jar's lid. Do you want to breathe new life into a Mason jar and its lid? TikToker @pattipagewhite shared a video showing Mason jars and their lids displaying candles creatively. Some examples in the video featured a little tea light candle inside the Mason jar, with a romantic heart cut out of the lid, creating a more unique and attractive twist than just a plain lid.

So, if you want to put your tea light candle in a Mason jar, inspire a more romantic vibe by carving a heart out of the lid before adding the light inside. But if you don't want a heart, try other shapes instead. For instance, if you'd prefer to go more mysterious than romantic, consider cutting out a moon design. Or, try a dreamy cloud cut-out or a fun star shape.

On the other hand, do you want to display the tea light candles higher up than just sitting on the flat table but still use the Mason jar lids as the holders? The other examples in the video show the small tea light candles simply sitting on top of the lids while those lids are still on the Mason jars. This hack involves almost no effort, as you'll only have to put the compact candle on top of the closed jar for an elevated look.

Consider decorating the lid with paint and stickers

Mason jar lids typically don't look too exciting or beautiful on their own, so you may want to embellish yours before using it as a tea light candle holder. Tying a ribbon around it or cutting out a cute shape is an excellent starting point. But why not take the embellishment even further by painting the lid and maybe adding some stickers?

For example, if you love purple, you could paint the lid purple — don't be afraid to add unique designs! Even if you're not much of an artist, try using smaller paintbrushes to add a bunch of polka-dots in various colors for some playful contrast, bringing the lid-turned-candle-holder to life. Or, if you love all things girly and cutesy, paint it pink and add a bunch of adorable stickers for a sweet decoration. You don't have to opt for bright colors, of course. If you prefer ultra-edgy vibes, there's nothing wrong with painting it dark. The options are endless, so have fun and flaunt your style and personality!