This Satisfying TikTok Organization Advice Will Eliminate Distractions

Cleaning and organizing around the house creates a tidy space, but when you decide to take multiple breaks, it prolongs the process. Scrolling on your phone is one of the biggest distractions that can eat up your time, especially when you have a million things to do. You may clean the counter for five minutes, then whip out your phone and scroll on social media for 45 minutes before moving onto the next thing. You can try following minimal cleaning hacks to keep your home tidy, but when your phone is in your pocket, on the kitchen counter, or anywhere nearby, it's easy to pick it up and get lost. While you may have heard that you can just put your phone in another room, this won't always solve the problem. Instead, TikTok user @alexandracolleen has been using one hack to keep herself from getting distracted by her phone. She simply setsĀ it on time-lapse mode when cleaning around the house.

Finding a way for your phone to be unavailable allows you to focus on the task in front of you. Whether you're cleaning out your closet, decluttering your pantry, or organizing your kids' playroom, you'll immensely reduce the cleaning time when your phone is recording the process. You won't get behind on chores, feel the stress of not having enough time, or rush to finish everything. Plus, you end up with a satisfying video that you can watch afterwards to see all the work you accomplished.

Use the time-lapse setting to put your phone to work

You don't need extravagant, expensive gear when recording a time-lapse video. Most TikTok creators use a tripod to set up their phones when recording themselves. However, you can use anything to hold up your phone. For instance, if you're sorting clean laundry in your bedroom, rest your phone against a stack of books on your dresser, ensuring you're in the frame. It'll take a few minutes to set up, but you'll jump into cleaning mode once the camera starts rolling.

To use the time-lapse setting on your iPhone, open the camera app and scroll left on the camera options until you see the time-lapse button. On an Android phone, switch to video mode and choose the recording speed you want on the time-lapse setting. For Samsung users, the camera setting has a Hyperlapse mode that works as the time-lapse mode. Then, after you set up your phone where you want to record, press the red record button and go about organizing. You can stop recording at any time by touching the red button again. However, you can continue recording even as you move the phone to tidy another room. When you're done organizing, you'll end up with a satisfying fast-paced video of yourself cleaning multiple areas of your home. You can post it on your social media page, edit out anything you don't want in it, or immediately delete it after watching to avoid taking up too much phone storage.