Easy Changes That'll Bring A Rustic Aesthetic To Your Bathroom

There are many creative bathroom ideas you'll love for a rustic aesthetic. Whether your bathroom is grand and ultra-spacious with two sinks and a deluxe shower, or a tiny powder room, you can change it from modern-chic to rustic in a heartbeat. Plus, anyone can add rustic flair to a space whether they want to invest significant money into the project or stick to a tight budget. Remember that the rustic aesthetic is all about warmth and coziness, so stay with that theme when shopping and decorating.

One way anyone can make their bathroom look more rustic is to opt for a wooden toilet seat. The plastic toilet seat alternative is doable whether your bathroom is huge or tiny, as all bathrooms have toilets. Even if you barely have any other decor in the bathroom, switching from a plastic to a wooden throne will make it appear significantly more rustic and unique. Still, embracing a wooden toilet seat is only one of the many ways to rock a rustic bathroom.

Look for a more rustic vanity or mirror

If your space and budget allow, you may want to look into a more rustic vanity in addition to a wooden toilet seat. For example, a classic warm wood or faux wood vanity will appear drastically more charming than a high-tech stainless steel or crisp white option. Do you want to invest in a lovely wooden vanity? One option is the Highbury Furnishings Bromley 48-inch Single Bathroom Vanity Set, selling for about $1,700 at Wayfair. Many reviewers love the item, and one happy customer specifically noted that she added it to her farmhouse, proving that it's an excellent piece for rustic vibes.

Even if a new vanity isn't practical for you, buying a rustic mirror can still be super effective, as bathrooms of all sizes can benefit from having an appealing mirror. One perfect mirror for the aesthetic is the Rustic Wooden Framed Wall Mirror, Natural Wood Bathroom Vanity Mirror — 32 inches by 24 inches. Available for around $105 at Bed Bath & Beyond, this mirror is so perfect for the aesthetic that it even has "rustic" in its name, and many reviewers appreciate the attractive wood look.

Incorporate more rustic decor into the bathroom

In addition to drastic changes like the toilet seat, vanity, and even the mirror, some subtle decoration changes and new items can still implement more rustic vibes into your bathroom. For example, do you currently have a neon or pastel bath mat? Swap it out for a warmer neutral or earthier-toned option for more rustic energy. One option perfect for the theme is the imported Union Rustic Cathrine Teak Shower Mat, made of solid teak wood and featuring a wood-inspired design, which you can purchase for just over $100 at Wayfair.

Remember to put thought into your soap holders and other bathroom accessories, too, as timeless wood and glass items will better channel the aesthetic than cheap plastic pieces. For instance, check out the Clover Wood & Glass Bath Accessories, available at West Elm. The most affordable set of these accessories comes with two pieces and is $20, while the most expensive option sells for $80 and offers six features.

If space and budget permit, explore rustic wall art, too, such as the Millwood Pines Simple Things Rustic Barn Window Distressed by Lori Deiter Print, selling for around $40 at Wayfair, giving guests something pleasant to appreciate as they do their business. One reviewer even wrote, "Love it perfect for my country bathroom!" So, are you ready to create a more rustic bathroom with clever decorating?