The User-Friendly Amazon Program That Makes Decluttering Fun And Rewarding

Decluttering is one of the keys to a healthier home because clearing out items that have no use or place anymore makes space for the things that truly matter. One of the best strategies for decluttering your home is the four-box method which involves categorizing all your belongings into piles for keeping, storing, discarding, and giving away. When you've identified the items you want to give away, that's where Amazon's "Give Back Box" program comes in.

The four-box method is very useful because it leaves you with at least two groups of things that will end up leaving your house. The discard pile will end up in the trash, the storage pile might end up being big enough to warrant a storage unit, and the giveaway pile will allow you to finally say goodbye to certain things you've been holding on to. You'll be able to pass them on to friends, family members, and charities so you can be comforted that they get a new life and someone else will enjoy them. And Amazon can certainly help with that. 

The Give Back Box program

The idea of shopping on Amazon is now so commonplace due to the speed and convenience. However, so many boxes get shipped out daily and if they aren't repurposed or recycled properly, they create a lot of waste. The Give Back Box program is one way to reuse your boxes. All you need to do is fill your Amazon box with stuff you want to donate, seal it, request your pre-paid shipping label from the Give Back Box website using your U.S. zip code, and then drop it off at the post office or a drop-off point. You can also drop off your box at any Kohl's branch.

The only items accepted are clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and similar items in good condition. You can't send in used undergarments like underwear, socks, used bedding, books, electronics, and items made of glass. Give Back Box® is an independent initiative that partners with many retailers, not just Amazon. Some of these are Overstock, REI, Levi's, Ann Taylor, LEGO, Nordstrom, and eBags. Whichever type of box you're using, this initiative offers a great opportunity to help someone in need while decluttering your home, especially when the clutter has become overwhelming.