The Clever Way A Towel Holder Can Free Up Counter Space In Your Bathroom

Our bathroom counter becomes the space for our most essential beauty and hygiene items. Our toothbrush, toothpaste, favorite moisturizer, face wash, and makeup products often find a home in what may be an untidy mess atop our bathroom counters. A good organization plan can help keep the area around your sink clean, especially if you move items to a better storage option. To save bathroom countertop space and keep the sink area clutter-free, consider using towel holders. 

Towel holders come in a variety of styles, from mounted racks to brass stands, and in many cases, they can handle more than a few towels. Instead of leaving your towel holders relatively empty, you can also use them to store bathroom essentials. 

Are you spending too much time post-shower sifting through your collection of lotions and perfumes? Towel holders can carry bins and baskets that are designated for specific products. Furthermore, your bathroom is the one place in your house where you can find sneaky spots for bonus storage. All you need is a few hangable bins, some towel holders, and your favorite products ready to go.

Variety of ways to use towel rods for storage

Depending on the placement of your bathroom towel rods, there are multiple ways to go about this storage hack. If there's a rod directly above your sink, consider placing a few hangable bins, baskets, or buckets for your early morning and post-shower essentials. That could include your toothbrush and toothpaste, daily moisturizer, deodorant, and hand soap. You'll notice an immediate difference in the counter space available to you (and will likely never go back). You can use S-shaped hooks to hang your storage container of choice, and you can likely find container options in the perfect color to match your decor.

If you don't have an over-the-sink towel rod, opt for the nearest rod to your shower for your bathroom essentials. Instead of hanging your towel there, add an adhesive hook near the tub for easy access. Need a place to store toilet paper? Try a wall-mounted towel rack.

Unlike wall-mounted towel rods, some home design enthusiasts prefer standing towel racks. These are easy to install, portable, and offer a larger capacity for storage space. If you opt for a standing rack, place these hangable bins on the highest tier and extra towels on the bottom tier. With more than two tiers, you may choose to place all your bathroom essentials in a basket placed on the lowest tier with towels hanging above. Depending on your stylistic preferences, there are a few ways to go about this in a way that fits your priorities.

Why it's important to have an organized bathroom

Organizing your bathroom and maximizing storage space forces you to do what many of us avoid — declutter. Rather than repeatedly reorganizing the same cluttered mess, creating a designated space for your bathroom essentials will encourage you to identify, question, and ultimately throw out products you no longer use. Not only are you maximizing counter space through relocation, but you can also make room for new products and check for expired or unneeded items. Therefore, adding a towel holder as storage is a great way to embrace reorganizing your bathroom. Before you search for a towel holder that is the right size to hold what you need, go through each product to check for an expiration date and ensure you still use them.

 Also, there are a few products that should never face your shower's humidity, whether they're essentials or not. Do not store these types of products out in the open, whether in a storage bin on a standing towel rack or in a basket hanging from a towel rod. For example, the medication that you're keeping in the bathroom is susceptible to reduced effectiveness and early expiration. Jewelry — especially sterling silver — may become tarnished due to the heat, while your favorite perfumes can turn sour or slowly evaporate. It's better to store these products in a cool and dry location, even if it's further away from the shower, and keep your beauty, hair, or personal hygiene products on your newly renovated towel holder.