TikTok's Towel Rack Hack Is Perfect For Storing Toilet Paper In A Small Bathroom

The biggest problem with small bathrooms is the lack of storage space they contain, and this is especially prevalent when it comes to storing everyday essentials like toilet paper. Having nowhere to put toilet paper can be frustrating, but with the following TikTok hack, you can easily get excess rolls out of the way without making your bathroom look messy. Best of all, this hack involves only one item — a towel rack. 

Having no designated space to store toilet paper can lead to you having to either store it in a place other than the bathroom or one that isn't within easy reach, a major annoyance when you need to swap out the roll. Rather than having to stick extra toilet paper on top of the toilet itself, this simple hack will allow you to repurpose a towel rack to make the most out of your small bathroom. It will also ensure that you never run out of toilet paper when you need it most.

Keep toilet paper nearby and out of the way with this hack

Instead of storing hand towels on her towel rack, @thriftyweenqueen shared via TikTok that she hangs extra toilet paper rolls on each hook. The towel rack in the video can hold a whole pack of toilet paper, making it an ideal choice if you hate having to run back and forth to restock. Though it's better than putting toilet paper on top of the toilet, this hack does still keep your rolls out in the open. Because of this, it might not look the most attractive, especially to those who enjoy a minimalist design. However, you can make this hack your own by picking a rack more in line with your style. 

Nowadays, towel racks come in all sorts of styles and designs, from gold ones with crystals to rustic-looking pieces. You can pick whichever design you'd like, but keep the following tips in mind. Firstly, some towel holders may not have hooks wide enough to hold toilet paper, so it's best to measure before you buy a rack than isn't fit for this purpose. Some also don't have hooks at all, and the hooks are vital for the hack to work, so ensure you choose a rack that has them. If you don't have any luck finding the right towel holder, a hanging wine rack could also serve the same purpose in your bathroom.