Place A Bowl Of This Secret Weapon In Your Bathroom And Say Goodbye To Moisture

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Unfortunately, bathrooms are the perfect environment for mold and bacteria growth. This is primarily due to the warmth and moisture produced every time you run hot water. This moisture can not only lead to structural damage in your bathroom, but it can also cause health problems. According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, excessive moisture can trigger respiratory issues and lead to cockroach and dust mite infestations. With all of the problems that arise from excessive bathroom moisture, it is important to prevent the issue. Luckily, you can place a bowl of camphor in your bathroom to decrease moisture.

Camphor is a white solid substance that often comes in cubes that can be used to absorb moisture. It is also commonly used in vapor-steam products to help fight congestion, as well as balms and ointments. Camphor emits a strong fragrance that can also help eliminate bathroom odors. Many of those unpleasant smells you may notice in a bathroom are actually the result of excess moisture, and this moisture-reducing solution can combat those odors as well.

Using camphor to absorb moisture in your bathroom

To use camphor to absorb excess bathroom humidity, fill a large bowl with camphor cubes and place it on your bathroom counter or behind your toilet. If you are a fan of long, hot showers, this method may be most effective if you place the bowl closer to your shower. You can always opt for a decorative bowl if you are concerned about how this trick may impact your bathroom's aesthetic appeal. If you are curious about where to purchase camphor cubes, you might be pleased to hear that they are available online. Amazon sells a pack of 12 camphor tablets for $7.99.

Although camphor can absorb bathroom moisture, it is important to note that it is toxic when internally ingested or otherwise used improperly, per Healthline. Ensure that you do not handle the substance with bare hands, especially if there is a chance it may come into contact with broken skin. Camphor should also never be heated or exposed to open flame. This means you should keep it far away from any candles in your bathroom. Additionally, Camphor can be fatal to toddlers. It is best to avoid using it altogether if you have little ones who may be tempted by a shiny bowl stored in a bathroom.

What to use to absorb bathroom moisture if you cannot use camphor

Those with toddlers can use alternatives to camphor to draw moisture out of their bathrooms while keeping their little ones safe. Rather than placing a bowl of camphor in the bathroom, you can use an extractor fan to decrease humidity. A dehumidifier is also a great option, especially for those with a recurring excess moisture issue.

It is also helpful to wipe or squeegee water off shower walls after use. This will allow water to flow down your drain rather than contributing to more moisture in the air. Finally, you may also use DampRid to keep your bathroom dry. This product is made out of absorbent calcium chloride, which is nontoxic, according to the company's website. Unlike camphor, DampRid does not need to be placed in an open bowl and is sold in various closed containers and bags that can be placed in your bathroom without being opened. This product still absorbs moisture through the closed bag or container, making it less likely to be ingested by toddlers.