Itchy Sweaters Will Be A Thing Of The Past With This Genius Laundry Hack

Wool sweaters are quality items of clothing that require specific care. Sometimes, they can start to feel itchy and irritate your skin. This is because the wool fibers can come apart at the ends over time, like when human hair develops split ends. Luckily, vinegar and a little time in your freezer can actually help soften the material after you wash your wool sweater and make it more comfortable in the process.

The reason this method works is because the acidity of vinegar can help remove soap that's built up in the fabric and also works as a natural fabric softener. Though it may seem strange to put your wool sweater in the freezer, it will aid in keeping the wool fibers more tightly knit so that little loose ends don't scratch at your skin. Amy E. Goodwin, a lifestyle expert, explained how this process works to the Rachel Ray Show: "In the same vein as when you do the cold shot on your hair dryer and it helps set [your] hair, this is going to help set those fine hairs of the sweater, make them smooth and have them stay down," Goodwin said. Additionally, if your wool sweater is persistently itchy, try using conditioner after your vinegar treatment to help moisturize and soften it.

Making your itchy sweater soft again

While this process will make your sweater feel better against your skin, it will likely take time. To start, flip the sweater inside out and place it in a bucket of cold water with 1 fluid ounce of white vinegar. Depending on how itchy the sweater is, you could also use more, such as 2 or up to 8 fluid ounces. Use your hands to ensure the solution really gets into the fabric, and then let it soak for about 20 minutes.

When it's done soaking, rinse the wool with cold water in your bathtub or a bucket with clean water, squeezing out the vinegar. If you'd like, you can condition your sweater, but you'll want to ensure you're using a conditioner that doesn't contain silicones. This may be a surprising way you can use hair conditioner around the house, but it will really benefit the natural fabric. Massage the conditioner into the sweater and rinse it. After you've completed the vinegar soak and conditioning, your wool will need to dry before going into the freezer. Laying it out flat and then flipping it over after a while is a great way to dry your sweater without the risk of stretching it. After all, resizing sweaters is no fun. Place your sweater into a plastic bag once it's dry, tightly it, and leave it in your freezer for several hours or overnight. With this genius laundry hack, you can kiss itchy sweaters goodbye.