This Popular Ikea 2024 Release Is Taking Kitchen Storage To Another Level

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Whether you regularly cook three-course meals or opt for sheet-pan dinners, a clean, organized kitchen is key. Organization starts with making sure every utensil, pot, and appliance in your kitchen has a home. At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with how much space you have, and everything to do with how well you make that space work for you.

From drawer dividers to secondary shelving and under-the-sink containers, there's a lot you can do to cut down on clutter. But when it comes to maximizing function, there's one piece that seems to be taking kitchen storage to another level: Ikea's HAGAÅN open cabinet. Ikea is known for modular, affordable furniture that's easy to assemble, and the HAGAÅN open cabinet fits the bill. This lightweight piece can be stored horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs — think makeshift coffee bar, spice rack, or storage for your small cups and plates. Whichever way you stash it, shelving on your kitchen countertop means that you can keep your most-used items handy.

Ikea's HAGAÅN open cabinet has already gone viral on TikTok thanks to its versatility. The bulk of its appeal lies in its lack of bulk; this piece is only 3 feet tall and a little over a foot in width, so it can fit in just about any space. Let's break down how TikTok creators are using it as storage solutions in their homes.

How are people using Ikea's HAGAÅN open cabinet?

As TikTok creator @interiorxlifestyle demonstrated, Ikea's HAGAÅN open cabinet can make for a great place to store your coffee bar accessories, wherever and however you place it. TikToker @shashe.t also flaunted their take on the trend, utilizing the HAGAÅN cabinet to house mugs, candles, and sauces on their kitchen counter. Because it's completely open, the trick is to think about aesthetic appeal. For example, the HAGAÅN looks perfect for holding pretty utensils, glass jars, and pantry goods that you reach for in your everyday routine.

Unfortunately, the kicker is that it isn't currently available for purchase in the U.S. But don't fret — there are similar pieces you can snag that are narrow enough to give you storage to work with while still maximizing valuable counter space. At a similar height and width, there's Amazon's Furinno Luder bookcase, which — while it's advertised for books — could still work to store small kitchen appliances. The Furinno Pasir open bookcase is another option.

If you're set on Ikea, there are still alternate HAGAÅN products available. The HAGAÅN wall open cabinet looks gorgeous in a bathroom setting, melding both decor and function by keeping your accessories handy. But at well over 7 feet high and 3 feet wide, it's not something that can sit on your kitchen counter. However, if you mount it on the wall — well, that's a different story.

Other kitchen storage Ikea does right

Kitchen storage isn't the kind of thing people typically like to throw lots of money at, unless they're celebrities or successful interior decorators. (Who decided the price tags for acrylic storage boxes, anyway?) But that's why Ikea can be such a gem — it's packed with storage solutions that will still work for you, often at a fraction of the price. Apart from the HAGAÅN open cabinet, there are tons of budget-friendly pieces that can transform the function of your kitchen. For example, there's the OBSERVATÖR clip-on basket ($11.99) to help add extra room when you run out of shelf space. It looks ideal for storing placemats, produce, or even kitchen clutter you don't know where to place. Place it in a high-vis or low-vis space accordingly.

Another potentially great buy is Ikea's SKÅDIS pegboard. At $50.99, it'll pay for itself when you see just how many items it can fit. Like the clip-on basket, it works as both storage and decor, because you can show off your spice bottles, coffee mugs, and utensils in one visible place. 

The pegboard is more of a statement storage piece, but when organizing — as with all things in life — details matter. Case in point: Ikea's shelf inserts. Items like the Variera shelf inserts ($11.99), Variera pot lid organizer ($7.99), and UTRUSTA partition ($4.99) could suddenly give you 10 times the amount of space in your cupboards and drawers. Maybe the organized kitchen of your dreams is just an Ikea away.