Narwal's Freo X Ultra Simplifies Vacuuming And Mopping Like Never Before

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Vacuuming and mopping floors are some of the most hated chores among Americans, but when it's done, having a freshly cleaned floor in your home is a wonderful feeling. Still, all of that pacing, sweeping, sucking, and scrubbing can really knock the wind out of you, making it a challenge for anyone to keep up with regular floor cleanings, especially if you're constantly chasing after kids or pets. Do you ever wish you could combine the convenience of vacuuming with the cleansing power of mopping – and better yet, do it hands-free? Narwal is here to simplify your cleaning game with their latest innovation in robotic cleaning technology: the Narwal Robot Vacuum and Mop.

Narwal is no stranger to the robotic vacuum market, with the original Freo vacuum earning praise in countless reviews from across the globe. An upgrade to the original Freo vacuum, Narwal's Freo X Ultra impressed guests at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show and earned a House Digest CES Innovation Award. Now, the product's highly anticipated official launch is just on the horizon. A mythical unicorn of dry-to-wet-mop smart vacuums, this powerful machine offers exceptional cleaning power with minimal maintenance. From picking up dirt and hair to scrubbing stubborn stains and even re-mopping extra dirty floors, this device can do it all without asking you to lift a finger. Here's what you need to know about this awesome robot vacuum that's revolutionizing the art of clean floors.

Narwal's Freo X Ultra is a cleaning dream come true

Narwal, as a company, is a bright shining star in the robotic vacuuming market. Co-founded by Zexiang LI, an expert in robotics and automation, Narwal's luxurious robotic vacuums earn them a place among the top 5 robotic vacuum brands globally. Additionally, they rank in the top two premium robotic mop brands in America – an impressive achievement, indeed, considering how tricky it is to build the perfect robotic smart mop design. Perhaps what sets Narwal apart from other companies is their attention to detail and focus on function. Consumers often face a common set of problems when it comes to other robotic vacuum brands: hair gets tangled in the bristles and wheels, the dust storage bin requires frequent emptying, or the vacuum bumps into obstacles or leaves dirt behind. Not to mention, many other so-called "smart" vacuums aren't so smart at all, requiring the consumer to perform frequent maintenance tasks and even babysit the robot while it's cleaning.

Consumers spoke out about these hidden downsides to robot vacuums, and Narwal listened. Facing common problems head-on, the company introduced Freo X Ultra, a new and improved version of their beloved Freo. This remarkable robotic vacuum and mop is brimming with brilliant solutions, from its Zero Tangling Floating Brush to its unprecedented suction power, laser navigation features, and more.

Freo X Ultra's impressive cleaning power

Can you really trust a robot to clean as well as you? With the Freo X Ultra, you can rest assured that every speck gets swooped up. This vacuum features 8200 Pa Suction Power, giving it enough strength to pick up 99% of particles on hard surfaces like tile, wood, and laminate flooring. The original Freo robot vacuum offered 3000Pa, which was impressive already, but with 8200 Pa power of the Freo X Ultra, dirty floors don't stand a chance. This powerful suction is strong enough to collect everything from dust, pet hair, and crumbs to large debris like pet kibble, dropped snacks, and even steel ball bearings. The Freo X Ultra is certified by TÜV to remove 99.56% of hair and dirt from rugs and carpets. When working on carpets, the vacuum follows a matrix grid cleaning path, traveling back and forth to cover the entire carpet from multiple angles, unlike some other brands that seem to bounce around randomly.

Many people may wonder, with a two-in-one robot vacuum and mop, how do you avoid accidentally soaking your rugs? The Freo X Ultra automatically raises its dual mop heads when it detects carpeting so that only your mop-able floors will get wet. When mopping, the device employs two dual spinning and scrubbing mop heads, which rotate at 180 RPM to lift away stains. The unique EdgeSwing feature also allows the mop to whip in close to edges, cabinets, and corners, ensuring a thorough wall-to-wall clean.

Freo X Ultra's low-maintenance design

Say goodbye to flipping, snipping, and picking out hair from your vacuum's bristles! Hair tangles are the bane of many robotic vacuums, but they're no match for Freo X Ultra's Zero Tangling Floating Brush. This innovative brush is certified by SGS for a 0% hair entanglement rate, as the genius design spins strands of hair and fur directly into the vacuum's suction pipe. In addition to dominating dirt, dust, and hair this robotic vacuum also stores the gunk with a Self-Contained Dust Processing Solution. This feature compacts dust, hair and other particles tightly within the dust bag, prolonging your time between emptying for up to 7 weeks. When it's time, the disposable anti-allergenic HEPA dust bag takes just seconds to swap out.

If that wasn't low-maintenance enough, the Narwal Freo X Ultra's all-in-one station takes care of several other tasks so you can spend less time worrying about upkeep. The station features AI DirtSense™, which automatically detects the opacity and color of collected mop water. Using this information, the robotic vacuum will target dirty areas of the home and re-mop the floors as needed until clean. This ensures that high-traffic or high-mess areas will be mopped more often and more thoroughly. The all-in-one station also has an auto-washing process, which washes the mop heads and even blow dries them with air heated to 104 Fahrenheit. This way, you'll never have to worry about mildew, bacteria, or odors building up in your mop heads or dust bag.

Freo X Ultra's smart and sleek details

Freo X Ultra's all-in-one station doesn't just give you peace of mind when it comes to cleaning; its minimal, thoughtful design will blend seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Tired of other vacuums bumping, crashing, and knocking over obstacles? Freo X Ultra's LiDar precise navigation system uses tri-laser detection to skirt around obstacles with ease. According to a test by Modern Castle, the vacuum itself is exceptionally quiet, emitting about 58.7 dB of sound on the highest power mode, which is almost 10 dB quieter than average vacuum brands. Reviews also state that the battery life is impressive, easily covering a home on a single charge and, if needed, resuming where it left off after recharging. When it's all said and done, the Freo X Ultra also delivers an in-depth cleaning report directly to your smartphone.

But that's not all. Narwal's competitive pricing might be the smartest part yet. To celebrate the launch of this incredible new vacuum on March 6, Narwal is granting buyers an Early Bird Offer! From now through March 5, you can receive $400 off the Freo X Ultra when you pay a $99.99 deposit on the Freo X Ultra. Early Bird Offers are limited, so act fast! If you've missed your chance already, don't worry; you can still receive $200 off an Amazon purchase of the Narwal Freo X Ultra with the promo code NARWALNEW, available from March 6 through March 12.