Get The Look Of Marble Countertops On A Budget With TikTok's Dollar Tree DIY

New countertops are an expensive element in a bathroom or kitchen remodel, particularly if you long for more luxe materials like quartz or marble. All too often homeowners or renters find themselves stuck with ugly or outdated countertops for years until they can replace them or move to escape them. However, if you love the look of these high-end options, there is a great way to get a similar look of expensive stone for less. TikTok user adri_anna23 recently showed how they used an inexpensive Dollar Tree vinyl shelf liner to cover their outdated speckled countertops completely, giving the whole surface a major makeover for only a few dollars. The result is perfect faux marble countertops that show all the subtle veining of marble without the considerable price tag.

Dollar Tree's QC Con-Tact Marble Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner is made of water-resistant vinyl, which makes it a good fit for spaces that regularly need to be wiped down and can experience a lot of moisture. Many vinyl contact papers are also heat resistant, which means they can endure hot pans without bubbling or wear. The entire application process is easy and requires only a couple of tools, an X-ACTO knife, and a spatula or plastic card, to get a polished look. Vinyl contact paper is available in a myriad of designs, including glossier varieties and more expensive paper specifically designed for countertop use. Dollar Tree vinyl, however, is great if you're looking for a budget-friendly short-term solution with an immediate transformation.

How to apply a vinyl liner to counters

To apply the vinyl covering to your counter, make sure to clean the surface thoroughly with a degreasing cleaner to make it as residue-free as possible. Measure your counter to determine how much you will need. TikToker adri_anna23 says in the comments that they used around three 54x18-inch rolls for their entire counter. You may also want to buy more than you think you will need to provide room for adjustments. Cut the pieces to size before beginning the installation, taking into account your seams and how the pattern matches up. As you apply the paper to the surface, remove the backing and press in place as you go. 

Use a spatula or a credit card to smooth the surface, removing any bubbles or creases that incur. You can also use a hair dryer to apply heat to loosen the adhesive temporarily to smooth out any imperfections. Use an X-ACTO knife to precisely trim along the edges and seams. If you're worried about moisture getting underneath and around a sink, you can also use some clear sealant caulk along the edge of the sink. To remove the paper later on, simply use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive and peel the vinyl away. The Dollar Tree liner gives a matte finish, but for a glossier look of polished marble, consider adding a resin epoxy or polyacrylic coat over your vinyl covering to add to its durability and shine.