Outdoor Flooring Options That Are Best On A Budget, According To Our Construction Expert

Outdoor flooring projects can be pricey. Not only do you have to pay contractors to install the flooring, but you also end up spending money on materials. The high cost of these materials is often a barrier to refreshing outdated or damaged outdoor flooring. However, there are a few affordable options you may have not considered that are perfect if you are on a budget. Skylar Bartlett, owner of Kreer Construction, spoke exclusively to House Digest about the best affordable outdoor flooring options.

The construction expert revealed that indoor-outdoor carpet, interlocking decking, and turf are all great choices for those looking to save money on outdoor flooring projects. These materials are available at a variety of stores, and some can even be ordered online. As for the installation, keep in mind that using some of these materials will require you to contact a professional to handle the process and ensure that no errors or damage from improper installation occur and result in more expenses.

Indoor-outdoor carpet is low maintenance and affordable

If you prefer an outdoor flooring material that is low maintenance, indoor-outdoor carpet might be the perfect fit. You probably already have experience with carpeted floors, and indoor-outdoor carpet is just as easy to clean. Simply vacuum and occasionally deep-clean as needed. Skylar Bartlett shared her expert insight on where to purchase indoor-outdoor carpet while speaking exclusively to House Digest.

"Indoor/Outdoor carpet is easy to buy from virtually anywhere, like Home Depot, Amazon, and Wayfair," she revealed. "But I always recommend checking with a local flooring store about remnant pieces for an even better deal. They'll also be able to custom make a rug if you want a specific shape or size." 

If you plan to simply purchase a piece of carpet to lay outdoors, you do not have to worry about having it installed professionally. However, if you choose to install a large section of indoor-outdoor carpet over your entire outdoor space, Bartlett recommends contacting a professional. "While it's not overly complicated, it's recommended to have a pro install it for true assurance of hold and warranty coverage," she explained. As for pricing, Bartlett also provided an estimate so that you know approximately what to expect. According to the construction expert, "This cost depends on size but for a 12x12 area it'll run you around $130-250."

Do not overlook interlocking decking and turf

If you plan to garden and decorate your outdoor space with flower beds or plants, interlocking decking is a much better fit than indoor-outdoor carpet because it will not hold onto dirt or moisture, Skylar Bartlett noted while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "I recommend shopping online at places like Amazon and Ikea so that you can read the reviews and get ideas of what others have done in their spaces first," Bartlett explained. "Now, these can get a bit pricey depending on how many you need and the type you choose (i.e. real wood face vs. plastic), so you can cut costs by going for a hybrid design." Although you may have to get a bit strategic when shopping for interlocking decking to cut down on costs, keep in mind that you do not have to pay for a professional to install it. This is because it is sold as squares that simply click together, which you should be able to DIY pretty easily. 

If you have a small outdoor space or want to spruce up your apartment's balcony, turf might be a better fit for you. "It's readily available to buy online and in stores but I recommend getting it in a store like Home Depot, where it already comes pre cut and saves you the hassle of trying to do it yourself," Bartlett shared.