Use Jenny Marrs' Timeless Design Idea To Fill Your Kitchen With Natural Light

Natural light is beneficial for your home in more ways than just enhancing beauty. Having ample natural light leads to less money spent on energy bills, a reduction in stress, better sleep, and can even increase the value of your home. And while there is the possibility of having too much natural light, ensuring you have it in your kitchen is paramount to a home design. Jenny Marrs of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" agrees with this sentiment, creating gorgeous natural light into a kitchen design by adding an arched window above the sink.

The specific kitchen design was a big renovation. Marrs and her team converted a carport and garage into the kitchen, dining and living spaces. The finished product is rustic, natural, and eye-catching – with the arched window rounding out the design. "The incredible arched window above the sink creates an incredible focal point with a gorgeous view and allows beautiful natural light to stream into the kitchen," Jenny Marrs said on her blog. Adding natural elements like stone and white oak cabinets, along with gold fixtures, lets the natural light shine.

What to consider before adding arched windows to your kitchen space

When Jenny Marrs was designing this kitchen, she basically had a blank slate to work with. The addition of a large, arched window made the design, flooding the kitchen with must-needed natural light. And while any window style will help bring in natural light, if you are renovating your kitchen and want to add an arched window, there are a few things to consider. Arched windows come in a few different varieties. You can opt for an arched window that opens, the most popular type of arched window, allowing your kitchen to not only bring the light in but aid in ventilation as well, or you can choose a decorative arched window that doesn't open, like Marrs did in her design.

You will also want to consider the details of your window. If you want a modern look to your kitchen, choose an arched window with minimal lines and detailing, while more detailing will create a more classic or Mediterranean feel.

Other ways to increase natural light without adding a window

If adding a window is not in the cards for your kitchen renovation, there are other ways to bring in that natural light we all crave. To ensure you have good lighting, consider updating your finishes. Dark wood cabinets and dark finishes can make a room feel, well, dark, regardless of your natural light sources. Updating your kitchen to have more neutral colors will quickly make it feel brighter and let any natural light sources really shine.

You can also add glass and other mirrored elements to your kitchen. This is a design trick that uses the reflection from the glass or mirrors to add more light to a room. Add a glass front to a few of your cabinets or change out your backsplash for mirrored tiles. On your current windows, replace any dark curtains with something more sheer, or get rid of any of your kitchen window treatments entirely. This allows any bit of natural light from the windows to shine on more spaces, making the whole kitchen feel brighter.