Clever Ways To Use Laundry Scent Boosters Around The House

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Achieving a fresh-smelling space is a big part of your home's vibe. After all, some of the most powerful memories are retained through our sense of smell. And, you can create a welcoming and memorable home by infusing it with a subtle fragrance in every room. But, keeping it consistently scented can be a challenge. Candles can be a safety issue if you forget they're burning and room sprays often dissipate even before your guests arrive. 

So, if you're searching for simpler ways to improve your home's aroma, consider laundry scent boosters. Beyond the laundry room, they can be used to fragrance everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. Plus there are options from laundry beads to liquid scent boosters. These different varieties suit different purposes and there are several ways to maximize their full potential. And, with more and more options coming on the market, you'll likely be able to find a fragrance you love enough to use throughout your home. 

Deodorize your carpets and rugs

For pet owners and parents, smells can be particularly stubborn. If odors tend to get embedded in your carpet, consider using laundry scent boosters as a clever deodorizer. This is the perfect way to achieve a quick refresh when guests are on the way. All you need is a handful of booster beads and your vacuum.

First, sprinkle the beads directly onto your carpet or rug. The key is to let them sit for a few minutes and allow them to perfume the fibers. Next, vacuum your carpet normally and watch the beads vanish into the canister. The odor will disappear along with them. Make sure to check your carpet for leftover beads if you have dogs, cats, or small children. Cleaning experts back this handy trick and some even claim that it works even better than pure baking soda. 

As a bonus hack for a fresh-smelling space, you can try putting Downy beads in your vacuum canister if you have a bagless unit. Another option is to apply some liquid scent booster lightly onto a cotton ball or pad and place it inside your vacuum's filter compartment. As air passes through the filter, it will pick up the fragrance, effectively deodorizing the air as you vacuum.

Create a DIY Febreze fabric freshener

When it comes to deodorizing linens, fabric freshener is great for an instant, no-fuss solution. However, branded sprays can be pricey. For a clever DIY cash-saving solution, grab your favorite laundry scent boosters. You can create your own Febreze-style spray with a few home essentials for a quick and convenient fix.

First, grab an empty spray bottle. Next, fill the bottle about a fifth of the way up with 2 parts of laundry scent booster beads and 1 part of white vinegar. You can also add a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol for extra power. Finally, complete the mixture by filling the remaining space in the bottle with warm water. If you want to pack an extra-fragrant punch, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. Make sure to patch-test your mixture before using it on any new surfaces. For an eco-friendly tip, keep your old spray bottles and repurpose them as containers for this homemade mix. 

Freshen up your sink's garbage disposal

Odors have a knack for lingering in the garbage disposal of your sink, creating an unpleasant atmosphere in the heart of your kitchen. However, there is a simple solution to keep your garbage disposal smelling clean. This trick has only one ingredient — the laundry scent boosters themselves.

Simply take a small handful of laundry scent beads and pour them directly into the garbage disposal. Allow them to settle for several minutes, working their magic to combat and overpower any unwanted odors. Then, wash them down with water before running your disposal. You will instantly smell the difference in your kitchen. While laundry scent boosters do not have this hack listed on the bottle, their water-soluble nature should be safe for the disposal side of your sink. Plus, they work similarly to garbage disposal cleaning pods. Be mindful to only use a small portion. It's always better to start with a lesser amount and assess whether the odor has been alleviated. Alternatively, you can let your scent boosters fully dissolve in a glass of water before pouring the mixture down the garbage disposal. 

Banish stubborn bathroom odors

It's an endless battle to banish unpleasant smells from the bathroom. Laundry scent boosters allow you to infuse the room with fragrance without having to light a candle or use a spray. All you have to do is fill a small mesh or muslin bag with laundry scent booster beads and hang the sachet on the bathroom door handle. Every time the door is opened or closed, the bag and beads will jostle around, releasing a slight boost of scent into the air.

This is an ideal solution for a guest bathroom, allowing visitors to enter a sweet-scented space. In addition to your doorknob, you can also try hanging the small bag on your toilet paper holder. If you don't have easy access to a muslin sachet, try pouring your scent-boosting beads into a decorative dish. Then. place the bowl on top of your toilet tank or the bathroom counter. If you have curious pets or little ones, make sure to hang your pouch or place your dish out of their reach.

Create a custom laundry scent

Your home should be an expression of your personality and that extends beyond just looks. If you don't want your space and laundry to smell like anyone else's, the ideal solution is to create a custom scent. For your own signature blend, mix scent-boosting beads with a complementary-scented fabric softener.

If you love fresh scents, try mixing citrus-scented products like Method's Ginger Mango Fabric Softener from Target with lemony booster beads. For a cozier approach, try blending a cotton-scented softener and a vanilla booster like Clorox's Fraganzia, available on Amazon. Alternately, floral lovers may want to combine fragrances like rose and lavender. No matter which two scents you choose, make sure to test the combination on a single piece of clothing in the sink before adding it to an entire load. You can also incorporate it into your handwashing regimen, ensuring that even your delicate fabrics are treated to the same custom fragrance. 

Instantly refresh your shoe closet

It's no secret that shoes can get stinky. If your shoe closet has an undeniable odor, laundry scent boosters are a creative way to keep your closet smelling fresh and clean. You can easily pour a few scented laundry beads into your shoes when they're not in use, as suggested by the experts at Downy. It doesn't require a lot of beads to make a significant sensory impact, and this is a particularly effective technique for your off-season shoe collection. 

If the scent of your shoe closet needs an extra boost of freshness, you can also create a sachet of laundry scent booster beads. This is a great way to repurpose single socks. Simply fill the sock with scent beads and use a ribbon to tie it closed. Then, place the makeshift sachets on shelves or hang them to perfume the air. Your shoe closet will smell pleasant every time you open the door.

Boost the scent of your potpourri

Potpourri is an age-old way to add an appealing aroma to your home. However, sometimes the fragrance is too faint and it can fade over time. Incorporating laundry scent boosters is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your potpourri a fragrant boost. You can select either beads or powder for this technique. All you have to do is remove your potpourri from the bowl and sprinkle the scent boosters on the bottom. When you refill the bowl with the dried blend, the laundry scent boosters will be out of sight. So, you'll still have the nostalgic look of dried flowers and spices, but the scent will last much longer.

There are several different scent boosters to choose from. In this case, opting for a botanical-scented booster rather than a classic laundry scent is important. You can even look for scents that complement the potpourri like rose, lavender, or citrus. 

Combat the smell of your garbage can

Keeping your trash cans smelling fresh can be tricky. Luckily, laundry scent boosters make excellent DIY garbage can deodorizers. Depending on the type of scent booster you prefer, there are a few different techniques to try. The first option is to combat the odor with a liquid laundry scent booster. Try adding a bit to a damp cloth before wiping the inside of your trash can. You can also wipe the outside for additional odor control.

If you use a powder-based laundry scent booster, mix a pinch with household baking soda. When it comes to purifying household odors, baking soda has been a longstanding, go-to solution. Sprinkle a small amount of your mixture at the bottom of your garbage can each time you remove the bag. If you prefer scent-boosting beads, simply scatter a few at the bottom of the trash can before you put a new liner in.