The IKEA Unit Pinterest Swears By For Tidy Garage Storage

Traditional single-family homes often include large garages, which can be used for vehicle storage or general housing of extra items. Yet, surveys show that many Americans have such disorganized garages that they are essentially wasting the massive potential that garages contain; many individuals are even divided over the best way to organize their garages. The good news is that a ready-made key to optimizing garage space may be waiting for you at IKEA.

BROR Storage unit cabinet + cart is advertised as a one-stop solution to your storage woes. Crafted from durable materials and designed with a versatile configuration, it will help you make the most out of your garage's footprint. The shelving portion has a weight capacity of nearly 290 pounds, so it's ready to handle anything your garage contains. A double-door cabinet is ideal for keeping supplies — such as chemicals and tools — out of sight, while the cart has casters that lock, resulting in an ideal workbench that can be moved wherever is most convenient when embarking on your next DIY project. The entire setup costs $668, which may initially seem steep, however, the overall design could be well worth the expense if you have been itching to elevate your garage's storage game.

More to love about BROR

As with many IKEA products, the BROR unit can be customized to your needs, be that adding another shelving component or purchasing a larger version of the cabinet for storing certain items. The entire setup is designed to be highly durable when used in the appropriate conditions (indoor only and mounted to the wall for safety purposes), and its layout makes organizing your items simple. For the most efficient and orderly garage, consider purchasing some affordable bins to keep items organized, such as the SAMLA 1-gallon clear bins ($3 at IKEA), which allow for easy identification of contents. Then, pair your new BROR with other budget-friendly ideas to organize your garage.

When purchasing the unit as a set, your color option will be limited to "gray-green," but if you are selecting individual or additional components, you can opt for a white or black utility cart or black cabinets and shelving. There is even a compatible workbench ($289 at IKEA), complete with drawers, for the serious craftsperson. Made from steel and plywood, the BROR storage unit line will last for a long time with appropriate care and simultaneously free up valuable garage space, delivering a well-organized room.