House Digest Survey: What's The Best Way To Organize Your Garage?

A messy garage can be unsightly and annoying to deal with. Not being able to quickly find your tools or other items is stressful, and unfortunately, there are many habits we have that lead to creating such a disaster. According to Garage Living, since most of us aren't spending much time inside the garage, it's easy to just shove everything in the corner and walk away. However, when you open your garage door, it can be embarrassing for people to see your mess.

Luckily, House Digest has conducted a survey asking participants their preferred method of organizing the garage. We gave them six options: shelves, peg boards, tool boxes, overhead storage, tote boxes, and cabinets. We'll break down which options got the most votes and why we believe they are the most effective. By the end of this article, we hope you'll be inspired to get your garage in tip-top shape.

Make better use of your space

Out of 606 respondents, an overwhelming 47.52% (288 people) chose shelves as their preferred method to organize the garage, according to our survey. Installing shelves in your garage is a great way to make use of open space, according to City Waste Services. If you have a high ceiling in your garage due to how the elevation of your home is constructed, then you probably have plenty of wall space to install open shelves to organize different items.

If you don't have wall space for open shelves, The New York Times also recommends black wire shelving. This option is known to be affordable and durable, and it can easily be formed to fit into most types of spaces. You can also create sections on the shelf to keep certain items together, such as tools, toys, or recyclables, by using dividers — which can be done by clicking the dividers onto the wire shelves.

Versatile functions

The second popular choice is peg boards, with 14.03% (85 people) of respondents choosing this as their preferred method to organize their garages. Peg boards are a versatile organization method, and you can incorporate peg hooks, accessory bins, and shelves, according to the WallPeg Store. This is a convenient option for those who have multiple different types of materials to divide, as you create a distinctive way to organize each one onto the peg board.

Peg boards usually come in a 23 by 23-inch size; however, it is possible to order them at specific sizes to accommodate your space, according to PegBoarder. They also come in a plethora of color options, such as black, blue, brown, gray, pink, and more, which will help accommodate any existing color schemes.

The following are the other options listed from most to least amount of votes: overhead storage with 76 votes (12.54%), cabinets with 67 votes (11.06%), tool boxes with 53 votes (8.73%), and tote boxes with 37 votes (6.11%).