The Answer To Removing Stubborn Drywall Plugs Is Already In Your Kitchen

Let's be honest. Removing drywall plugs can be one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to furniture reorganization or moving out of your home and into a new one. If you're unfamiliar with the homemaking scene, drywall plugs, also known as drywall anchors, are small plastic or metal devices used to provide extra support when you're hanging items like mirrors or shelves. They're a great option when hanging heavier items because the balanced weight distribution ensures hangings are even, and completely rid you of the worry that a screw or nail could come flying out unexpectedly.

And because they're such a sturdy device, removing them can be difficult and seemingly impossible without the right tools. But Instagram user, @ken.c.long, might have the solution. All you need is a corkscrew. Wine lovers, we're sure you have a few of these residing in your kitchen drawer. Turn it 360 degrees, and simply pull your drywall hook out. Though it seems like an entirely too easy solution, it makes perfect sense for threaded screws. Because of its design, a corkscrew can burrow into the hole deeply and grip the middle of most anchors, allowing it to safely remove the threaded hook without any additional damage to the drywall.

How this hack compares to others

It's important to note this hack may not work for all drywall plugs. There are two types of wall anchors: threaded (wider and stronger options) and non-threaded (these include plastic threads that push into the wall when you initially screw them in). Non-threaded doesn't turn clockwise like threaded screws and corkscrews, so an actual drill bit is a better hack for removing both.

For renters looking to fix up their apartments, TikTok user, @sidneyraz, has an option that just may save you a lot of time — and your deposit. For this hack, all you need is a drill and a safety razor or utility knife. Use it to loosen the drywall around the plug, then drill into the anchor a little bit. After, proceed to wiggle the plug out of the wall carefully with your straight razor.

Considering this hack does feature a few more handy tools, it may be a bit more difficult to grasp if you're in a hurry to remove your drywall plugs. But considering screws and drywall plugs come in a variety of sizes, it may be better to invest in a good and versatile set of tools for your home. To make matters easier in the future, we recommend sticking with one particular type of drywall hook for easy installation and removal.