Need A Custom Partition Wall? These Are The Giant LEGO-Style Blocks Of Your Dreams

Partition walls are a real game-changer when it comes to sprucing up your home or office. They're like magic walls that help you divide your existing space to create new, usable areas. And the best part? These walls aren't part of the building's original blueprint, which means that most can be moved, ensuring you can efficiently use your available space. Now, if you're looking for something custom, have you heard of EverBlocks? They're like giant LEGO blocks that you can build into walls, aside from many other things!

You can buy individual blocks, which range from $3.90 to $7.90 apiece from EverBlocks, at the time of writing. However, buying in bulk via the brand's Block Wall and Room Kits may be more cost-effective. These come in various wall shapes and styles, including options with a built-in door. The website also provides the convenience of specifying the exact width and height for your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Why using LEGO-style block partition walls is a great idea

Using EverBlock for partition walls is a fantastic idea, not just because it fulfills our childhood dreams of life-sized LEGOS! One of the coolest things about EverBlock is that they really work like LEGO blocks, so they easily connect with the blocks above and below, so you won't need any tools for assembly. They also come with accessories, like shelves and doors. However, these blocks are also hollow and lightweight, making the setup effortless.

Not requiring any assembly is a huge plus for anyone in rented spaces and people craving more privacy. And it's not just for residential spaces — think about commercial areas, too. For instance, you can instantly use these blocks to turn a conference room into several office spaces. That's pretty nifty, right? Another perk is that you can reassemble and break them down whenever you want. If you don't want a wall, you can use the blocks to build benches, chairs, tables, couches, and more!

Things to consider before using EverBlock

While they offer a unique and customizable solution, the price can be a significant consideration. Traditional partition walls can be more budget-friendly, costing around $3 to $18 per square foot, not including professional installation. In contrast, a large EverBlocks kit, for example, a 12x7-foot wall, can set you back about $1,863. If you do the math, the cost per square foot for the EverBlocks wall is higher than the upper range of traditional partition walls. If you're working on a tight budget, there are plenty of cheaper room divider hacks

Another point to consider is the thickness of the walls. Traditional partition walls are generally thinner compared to EverBlock walls. This difference in thickness means traditional walls will take up less space, which is crucial if you're limited with room. Lastly, conventional wall partitions are usually anchored to structures, enhancing stability but limiting those who can't make permanent changes, like renters. In contrast, EverBlocks are modular and not fixed, offering flexibility and easy reconfiguration for dynamic spaces. However, this also means they might be less stable than traditional partitions. If stability isn't an issue and you're open to using objects other than standard walls, why not experiment on other decorative room divider ideas to separate your space in style? Play with curtains, screens, and shelves to see which one works best for your needs and the room or house's aesthetics!