Use This Affordable Dollar Tree Item To Organize The Handbags In Your Closet

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Raise your hand if you've been a victim of having too many handbags and not nearly enough space to store them all. Shopping addicts everywhere know the familiar feeling. You come through your door, hands filled with the day's finds, only to have your heart sink when the age-old question smacks you right in the face: Where are you going to put them? If you're tired of playing Tetris throughout your closet (extra points if you've had to buy a raised bed frame for a little extra storage), fear not, though the solution might shock you. 

Two words: Dollar Tree. TikTok user demonstrated how reasonably priced display easels, available in three sizes from small to large, are perfect for storing your wallets, small, and even some slightly larger bags too. Pro tip: Turning one of the biggest stands upside down for your biggest bag provides an alternative way to store it with ease. Though we couldn't find the exact easels on their website, there's another option available in black, silver, and gold (be aware that you do have to buy a quantity of 36 if you're shopping online).

Alternative hacks for storing your bags

It's important to note that not all Dollar Tree options are great when it comes to durability, so that's something to be mindful of too. If you have heavier bags or bigger ones like totes, it might be best to leave them aside. This hack is great for wallets, fanny packs, wristlets, and maybe even your favorite clutch. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options. 

For anyone living in a smaller space like an apartment, we're sure you have plenty of hooks lying around. Utilize a few for your handbags. TikTok user @gracefulguidance__ showcased some renter-friendly hooks that are perfect DIYs that won't jeopardize your deposit because they don't require any holes in the walls. These will hold a large tote bag with ease. 

If you'd like to take it a step further, using drywall anchors, like these from Amazon, to display your handbag collection could be a good move. It ensures they won't fall randomly if they're too heavy. Just be wary of removing these stubborn drywall anchors when you move. 

How to tackle your growing handbag collection

Fellow TikToker @sarahmcmillionaire also has a hack specifically for those with flimsier bags. Simply grab a hanging shoe rack from Amazon and fill it with your purses, as she explains in the above video. If you have a bit of space in your closet to hang one of these inside, it's definitely a good shout. Though all of these hacks are useful, it's all dependent on your lifestyle, bag type, and shopping habits. If you have a house full of heavier handbags like barrel bags and satchels, the first and third options may not work. 

Though you may be able to squeeze a few inside a hanging shoe holder, you could ruin the quality of your bag, or worse tear it, with improper storage. It's always best to check the care instructions first. Those with lots of smaller bags may be in luck though. Baguette bags, drawstring purses, and messenger bags work especially well here. These hacks are also ideal for either showing off or hiding away your bags.

If you're still feeling overwhelmed by how to store and display your handbag collection, start by sorting through what you actually use versus what's collecting dust. Donating or holding garage sales will lighten your load. For whatever's left, consider a storage unit or finding another area in your home for them. Be wary of basements, though, as excess moisture can lead to fungal growth. Extreme temperatures are not ideal either, particularly with leather goods.