Why You Should Place A Few Dryer Sheets In Your Garage

Dryer sheets are typically used to leave a pleasant smell on your clothes, get rid of static cling in your laundry, and soften the fabric. However, did you know that the popular laundry product can also be used to temporarily keep mice out of your garage? Laundry sheets are a cost-effective and humane alternative to keep your home free of mice. They are not fond of the strong fragrance emitted by dryer sheets, so they will initially avoid areas where the smell is present. However, it is important to keep in mind that mice will eventually build a tolerance to the scent. As a result, dryer sheets can only serve as a temporary solution to a mouse problem in your garage or elsewhere in your home.

You may use dryer sheets to keep mice away but the problem will ultimately need to be handled by a pest control professional. This hack will be most effective for those who simply need to repel mice until their next pest control appointment. If you are wondering whether you can use any brand of dryer sheets, you should know that Bounce dryer sheets are said to be most effective at keeping mice away, but others can also do the trick. Let's dive into how this popular laundry product can be used to keep the critters out of your garage.

How to use dryer sheets to keep mice out of your garage

There are two methods you can use to ensure this dryer sheet hack is an effective temporary solution to your mouse problem. The first method involves simply rubbing down the areas where mice enter your garage or where you have seen them gather with a dryer sheet. This is a good option if you do not like the look of stacks of dryer sheets scattered throughout the space.

To carry out this method, simply grab a dryer sheet and rub it along the appropriate surfaces to transfer the fragrance. You may smell the surface to ensure the sheet has actually left a scent. You will likely need to use multiple dryer sheets to accomplish this. It is important to remember that this method requires you to wipe the surfaces down again every few days, or when you notice that the scent has faded.

The second method is to place the dryer sheets directly on or near the areas of your garage where you have seen mice. It is up to you to determine how many sheets to place down in each spot, but make sure you use enough to emit a strong fragrance. The dryer sheets will need to be replaced periodically because they lose their fragrance over time.

Pair the dryer sheet hack with these pest control tips

As previously mentioned, the dryer sheets will only keep mice away from your home temporarily because they can adapt to the scent. In addition to using professional pest control services, there are a few changes you can make to reduce mice sightings in your garage. First, keep in mind that mice are often in search of food. You should make sure that any food stored in your garage is sealed and out of the way, according to pest control professionals. This goes for trashcans that contain food as well. You should store them outside if possible as they are mice magnets.

Next, be sure that your garage is organized and free of clutter. Garages are often used for storage and overflow that does not have a designated spot inside the home, so they get messy quickly. However, this clutter is yet another factor that can contribute to a mice infestation. Finally, identify any gaps or holes that would allow mice to enter your garage and seal them. You can accomplish this with caulk and steel wool.