DIY A Mini Planter For Succulents Using Old Books You Have Lying Around

Plants bring serenity into the house, help reduce stress, and boost energy. Taking care of them can be the most challenging part, but putting them in a cute planter will help you keep them alive, as you'll notice them every time you walk into the room. You can purchase planters at any retail store, but they can get expensive if you have a variety of plants to display. Luckily, DIY-ing planters with items you have around the house is the best way to repurpose something old and create a new home for your plant. For instance, old books you haven't read in years or have gotten damaged over time are excellent contenders for turning into planters, especially for small plants like succulents.

Succulents are the best plants to have in your home because they're easy to take care of and require minimal maintenance. They can survive dry climates and don't need to be watered every week, which is exceptional for first-time plant parents. In addition, succulents are smaller than your average house plant, so they fit perfectly in an old book. You might already have many of the materials you need for this DIY, such as an old book you don't mind cutting into, a trash bag, a ruler, an Xacto knife, Modge Podge, a paintbrush, and of course your succulent. You can buy Modge Podge at Walmart for $3.98 at the time of writing if you're not a regular crafter.

Turning an old book into a planter

Gather your materials and set them up on a working table. Start by gluing the pages together. Open the book to the fifth or sixth page, apply Modge Podge to the exterior pages along all three sides, and let the glue completely dry. Then, measure out a large rectangle on the top page where you glued all the pages together. It should be on the fifth or sixth page on the right side. After you measure your rectangle, cut along the outline with your Xacto knife. Use the ruler as a level to keep your cut straight. You'll only be able to cut a few pages at a time, so continue cutting until you create a deep rectangle.

Once you're satisfied with the depth, apply more Modge Podge inside the rectangle and along the inner corner of the book to secure your planter. Add your trash bag inside, laying the sides over the edges. Add your succulents inside the trash bag, organizing them and adding soil, if needed. If the cutout is large enough, you can put multiple succulents inside or stick with one plant. Then, cut the trash bag's edges to expose the surrounding pages. If you decide to put one succulent only, the addition of a tealight will illuminate the plant and book when lit. You glue a photo of your favorite artwork on the left page for another personal touch. Finally, decorate the nightstand in your bedroom with your new book planter or set it up on a bookshelf.