The Must-Have IKEA Product Pinterest Is Obsessing Over In 2024

IKEA is one of the most trusted sources for home goods, whether you're looking for something to build your room around or the perfect standout piece. When buying home décor from IKEA, you know you can at least depend on the affordability and the wide range of options. The catalog is very extensive, however, so it helps to get tips and see reviews to guide your shopping. In this Pinterest pin, the creator covers some IKEA must-haves in 2024 and mentions the JÄRLÅSA side table as one of the things to look out for. It costs $50 and comes in red or white (via IKEA).

A side table is a very versatile accessory to have in any room. No matter the amount of space you have to work with, you can always find the right table to provide a handy surface whether beside your bed or your living room couch. A table like the JÄRLÅSA with its wheels offers an added layer of versatility because it can be moved easily and therefore doesn't need to be restricted to one room in the home.

The JÄRLÅSA side table

The video linked in the Pinterest post raves about the JÄRLÅSA's unique shape and color. It is slim and light, allowing it to fit virtually anywhere, and it's in a trendy shade of red that feels fresh. Its wheels make it out to be like a bar cart, but we think the JÄRLÅSA can also be used in secondary rooms that have more flexibility with the design. For example, it can hold stationery and supplies in a playroom or home office and can be used in the laundry room or mudroom for open storage. It can also come in clutch as a moving cart when needed. This side table could also serve a purely stylish purpose and can be decorated with plants, lamps, or framed photos to elevate your living room aesthetic.

Released in late 2023, the JÄRLÅSA table was an update to a vintage product from the 80s. "Our designers reimagined the HOFF side table introduced in the 1984 [catalog] with a zesty new twist, creating the new simple and stylish side table, JÄRLÅSA," per the IKEA Instagram. Customers enjoy this reimagined product so it's easy to see why it's a must-have for 2024. Reviews on the product page rate the assembly process as easy and advise potential buyers to consider the measurements carefully to ensure it can hold whatever you plan on using it for.