Reuse Empty Toilet Paper Rolls For This Genius DIY Dresser Drawer Divider

Most people are familiar with the satisfaction that comes from having clutter-free surfaces in their homes. Yet, in reality, many of us resort to "superficial" cleaning, which usually involves shoving everything in containers, leaving us with messy drawers or closets. Dressers often suffer most from this quick tidy-up, with items ending up in a disorganized heap. This is often what happens to dressers. Small clothing items, often stored together in a single drawer, tend to become cluttered and misplaced from their intended spaces. If you always end up wasting time looking for the right pair of socks, why not make use of your empty toilet paper rolls and turn them into a dresser drawer divider? This way, every small clothing item gets its own cubby, making them easier to find and less likely to be misplaced.

There are many functional ways to reuse toilet paper cardboard tubes in your house, but their compact size and modular shape make them especially effective as home organizers.

Repurpose toilet paper rolls into dresser drawer dividers

To create your dresser drawer divider using toilet paper rolls, simply place them next to each other and stack them as needed. Repurposing an old shoe box as a container for the rolls can be efficient for larger drawers, as it allows you to fill just the box instead of the entire drawer. If you don't want to use a shoebox, consider constructing a cardboard frame or using adhesives, such as double-sided tape, to bind the rolls together. Adhering the rolls together not only keeps them organized but also helps prevent them from being accidentally pulled out when you retrieve socks or underwear stored within. If your drawer isn't deep enough, you'll need to trim half an inch from your toilet paper rolls for them to fit well.

If you're storing various clothing items in the same drawer, such as socks, underwear, and ties, or if the drawer is shared with your partner, consider creating separate organizers. You can even level up your organization by labeling or color-coding each cubby. This approach will help keep everything neatly sorted and easily identifiable, streamlining the process of finding what you need.

Consider vertical toilet paper cubbies

In addition to organizing your dresser drawer with toilet paper rolls, another creative option is constructing a vertical organizer with toilet paper roll cubbies. Placing this organizer on top of your dresser, ideally at eye level, can make it much easier to see and access your items. Alternatively, for added convenience and space-saving, you can attach this organizer to your wall or position it close to your dresser.

You can take inspiration from the popular DIY toy car garage made for kids' toys, particularly toy cars, like thisĀ DIY toilet paper tube toy car garage by Mama Cheaps. The process begins with selecting a box that suits your needs and preferences in size. Once you have your box, secure each toilet paper roll inside using a glue gun or double-sided tape. If you want it to look more aesthetically pleasing, you can paint the toilet paper rolls and box first before gluing everything together.