Repurpose Old Shoe Boxes To DIY This Brilliant Organized Storage Solution

If you love storage solutions that maximize the available space you have around your home, then you need to check out this clever way of repurposing old shoe boxes. That's right, along with a tool or two, all you need is two shoeboxes for this particular hack from TikTok user @organizedandsimplified4u, who makes an adjustable organizer out of only a couple of empty shoe boxes.

The only materials you need for this project are two leftover shoe boxes that have a separate lid and base — as opposed to the one-piece flap lid boxes or sliding designs — then grab a pencil or marker, ruler, and finally, a box cutter. There are countless ways you can customize the piece at the end of this project to fit your needs. For instance, you could use it to store accessories like jewelry, scarves, and headbands. In the bathroom, it could store your toiletries or towels. In the kitchen, you might want to use it for bottles of herbs and packages of spices. It would also be an ideal space to store snacks or utensils. As for a craft room or home office, it could hold supplies and knick-knacks. Frankly, if you need a spot for small or medium-sized items, this might be the DIY organizer that you need. Let's take a look at how you can DIY your own storage organizer out of repurposed shoeboxes.

How to make and customize your shoe box organizer before filling it

First, take one of the box bottoms and carefully measure halfway across and down while leaving lines in pencil to mark each. Then, take a box cutter and cut along the lines. This leaves you with four equal-sized pieces. Finally, place these inside the bottom of the second box. @organizedandsimplified4u demonstrates how you can arrange the pieces with their sides together to create four separate compartments, and she shows how to adjust the setup if you need two larger spots instead. Although you could leave it at that, you're probably curious about how you might be able to customize it.

For your DIY old shoe box storage containers, you could fill it with various items and customize it in just as many ways. For instance, you could paint the outside of the boxes in one solid color or add patterns with the help of fun or funky stencils. Hobby Lobby offers a wide variety of inexpensive stencils, from animals to letters, to assist in this project. On top of that, you could use anything, including beads, yarn, stones, and sequins, to decorate the outside of the box. Inside, you could also add some paint or line it with fabric that's smooth, fuzzy, or even fluffy.