Is The Reclaimed Wood Design Trend Going Out Of Style? What Our Interior Design Expert Thinks

Reclaimed wood is a stylish design choice ideal for those who enjoy rustic decor. The repurposed material helps combat deforestation and is a great way to bring eco-conscious design into your home. Reclaimed wood has maintained popularity over the years, but is there a chance that it is finally going out of style? Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer of interior design firm Arsight, spoke exclusively with House Digest and shared insight on whether reclaimed wood is a thing of the past. "Reclaimed wood as material maintains its allure in interior design, not as a passing trend but as proof of sustainable and character filled material," Kropovinsky explained.

While reclaimed wood is still in demand, people are changing the way it is used throughout a home. According to Kropovinsky, it is now being paired with more polished, modern design elements. With reclaimed wood's environmental benefits, it is perhaps no surprise that designers and homeowners are willing to get creative to work it into their design plans.

People are changing the way they incorporate reclaimed wood

In addition to its eco-friendliness, reclaimed wood can add charm to any room. "Its peculiar patina and history endow spaces with profundity and warmth that new materials many times do not possess," Artem Kropovinsky noted in an exclusive conversation with House Digest. This history, warmth, and charm can help liven up spaces that would otherwise be dominated by modern and polished design elements.

Kropovinsky pointed out how this ties into the shift in the way reclaimed wood is being used these days. The Arsight founder explained, "Today designers are mixing reclaimed wood with modern materials and finishes, achieving a balance between the rustic and contemporary looks. This hybrid approach helps to keep the material in question pertinent and flexible with different design themes." In other words, it seems that reclaimed wood will not be going out of style any time soon.

Reclaimed wood alternatives

Reclaimed wood is unfortunately one of the pricier options for decor and floor material. As a result, it might be beneficial to know what alternatives are available. Luckily, Artem Kropovinsky listed a few other sustainable decor options that will provide a similar look. Bamboo, cork, and recycled composites are good reclaimed wood alternatives recommended by the interior design expert. "These options utilize the sustainable principle of reclaimed wood and present different textures and colors for designers to utilize," he shared while speaking exclusively to House Digest.

If you prefer to use reclaimed wood in your home, Kropovinsky has advice on how to avoid giving your space an outdated look. "In order to not make the reclaimed wood trend stale, use it in less conventional ways," he explained. "A case in point would be as a part of a feature wall, incorporated into cabinetry or bits and pieces as unique pieces of crafted furniture. The secret is in the narrative and the artistry."