Create A Beautiful Wooden Napkin Holder With This Common Laundry Room Staple

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If you have old wooden clothespins, you may want to think twice before throwing them away. Instead, you could upcycle them to create a beautiful wooden napkin holder, as shown by @beingrare on TikTok. This is an amazing way to use clothespins around your home, and the result looks fantastic. You'll also save money, as you won't have to purchase a new napkin holder, making it an ideal way to upgrade your dining accessories on a budget. Of course, depending on how many pegs you have to spare, you can make as many of these as you like, but you'll need a fair amount for each.

If you're looking for unique decor for your kitchen or dining room table, this DIY will be just what you're looking for. All you need is some old wooden clothespins and a hot glue gun. However, remember you will need a substantial amount, so if you have only a handful available, this won't do. If you don't have any or need to replenish your dwindling supply, you can buy a pack of 50 from Amazon for $7.77.

Crafting your clothespin wooden napkin holder

The first part of this clothespin hack requires some patience. Start by disassembling each one, disassembling the metal part in the center, and splitting the wooden parts into two pieces. Once complete, glue each peg back together but without the metal part. By the end of the process, you should be left with a pile of clothespins, but without the metal part. Now, you can take them individually and attach them at the thin end with your hot glue gun, ensuring they're all aligned. As you go along, they should begin to form a curved shape like a rainbow, just as a napkin holder would be. Next, repeat the process to end up with two of these pieces. 

Now that you have two main sections for your napkin holder, take one and adhere two clothespins onto the two bottom sides of the piece. These should lay flat on the table. To seal the deal, apply some glue to the sides of your two connecting pieces, and adhere to the other napkin holder side via the bottom. All you need to do now is let it dry and insert your napkins. As a result, you should be left with a stunning wooden napkin holder that looks the part and can go anywhere around your home, such as the dining table, lounge, or even entryway to keep your mail organized.

Get creative with the design

To upgrade this DIY even further, you have several options. For a quirky and retro vibe, paint your wooden clothespin holder in a wide range of pastel colors, such as pink or blue, or choose black or white for a modern look — it depends on your interior and what looks best. Wait until the glue is dry and then paint for the best results. If you want to go all out, you could adhere sequins all over, but this will require time and patience. You can buy some off Amazon for $9.98, or, for a pop of color, some colorful gems for a good price. Likewise, you could add a thin glue coating and coat the whole thing in glitter, creating a dazzling look.

To make the napkin holder sturdier, you can always glue a small block of wood on either side of the bottom or some small weights, which will help prevent it from sliding around or tipping over. If you want it to hold a large amount of napkins, consider making the bottom part wider by adding more clothespins when you attach the two main pieces. Whatever you decide to do should work well — as long as you don't put anything too heavy in there. Now, all that's left to do is get crafting!