Keep Your Mail Organized With This Brilliant Dollar Tree Hack

Do you have a designated area for the mail or do your letters, magazines, and flyers have a funny way of piling up on a table, counter, or desk? It's easy for mail and papers to get out of control, even if you keep a special spot for incoming correspondence as a must-have in your home office. But, having a particular spot for the mail isn't usually enough to easily act on pieces that need your attention. Well, we always love budget-friendly ways to repurpose everyday items, and there's a great one for organizing mail or other papers into lovely little peace-of-mind piles. Go to Dollar Tree to get yourself a couple of metal napkin holders and start sorting your heart out. An added bonus is they cost about $1.25 each instead of an official mail organizer which could cost $20 or more.

In your busy life, clutter can come in many forms, from kids' toys that never get put away to wayward pieces of laundry sitting in limbo to disorganized papers, including important mail. Clutter can actually undermine your mental and emotional health because negative self-talk about the presence of clutter lowers self-esteem. Instead of hopping down that rabbit hole, make a small investment to keep your sanity.

Repurposing napkin holders for the mail

Dollar Tree sells many of its products in bulk online, but you can usually find single items at the store. Consider getting a few napkin holders so you can sort your mail — bills into one slot, medical information into another, professional development into a third, etc., using whatever categories work best for you. For a mega-sized sorter, try connecting two or more with zip ties, snipping off the ends with scissors, or attaching them with clear adhesive, wire, or even tape. Another way to use multiple napkin holders is to place mail that's just come in horizontally, and in another slot, stand all the mail that needs immediate attention vertically. 

To make these a bit cuter-looking, take a look at your decor and see if there's a color you can pick up and highlight. You can spray-paint the holders or cover the metal wires with colored knitting yarn or glittery embroidery thread. You could really nerd out and use a color-coding system, wrapping the wires of each napkin holder in a particular color to remind you what it's for. And, if the only renovation projects you can manage right now are reorganizing and decluttering your space, consider the bulk order at Dollar Tree – $30 for a set of 24. You can use the extra napkin holders to create unusual, stylish wall storage.