The Clever Way To Utilize The Wasted Space On The Back Of Your Kitchen Island

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A kitchen island benefits any kitchen size, offering additional counter space for homeowners with small or large spaces. While it can eat up some square footage in the middle of the kitchen, it helps expand storage for bulky kitchen appliances and more. Many folks turn the bottom section of the island into storage space to hold pots and pans. Others add exterior shelving to display kitchen décor or ingredients they use daily. You can do so much to utilize every part of the kitchen island. One innovative way to spice up and take advantage of the island's backside is by adding a hidden storage cupboard to store mail, keys, and coupons that typically create clutter on the countertop.

This clever hack comes from Instagram user Shayna Baker, who showed their followers a kitchen island with cabinet doors that open to reveal the most organized junk drawer in cabinet form. It's the perfect spot to store important documents and keys so you always have them nearby. Plus, the kitchen is the most used room in the house, so you'll easily be able to drop anything you need into this handy storage space. You won't have to worry about the endless pile of clutter on the counter or losing anything because it'll be safely tucked away. Installing the corkboard can be a little tricky since you have to cut into the island, but you can complete the project in a day.

Overview of adding hidden storage to the kitchen island

The kitchen island features two doors disguised as panels that blend perfectly with the entire backside. Each door hides two shelves that store papers, pamphlets, and mail in addition to a set of hooks that hold keys, among other hangable items. The doors are the trickiest part of this hack. You have to cut into the island to create space to fit the corkboard and shelves and add the doors. A saw is the best tool for precisely cutting into wood. You'll first want to measure the size of the two doors so that they're equally centered and spaced out. Then you'll cut them out. With the wood you cut out, you can create panel doors and add trim to give it a detailed look. Easily attach the doors with door hinges to open and close them effortlessly.

The easiest part is installing the corkboards and shelves. Use Command strips to attach the corkboards along the length of the interior. Amazon sells a pack of 20 strips for $10.99. You'll need at least four strips for each corkboard. Then, you can add mini-shelves to hold your papers. Drilling a few wood pieces directly into the corkboard to create a pocket is the easiest way to get rid of wood scraps you might have lying around. Or, you can purchase pre-made shelves that fit the opening. Joann sells wooden shelves for $7.99 that can be cut and painted to fit inside the cabinet.

Organizing kitchen counter clutter inside the kitchen island

Once the foundation is ready, it's time to start filling the cabinet with everything you don't want to see on your kitchen counters. Categorize each shelf to hold specific papers. Before filing documents, go through them and throw out any expired coupons and junk mail. Then, you can start organizing. One shelf can hold all the coupons, gift cards, and restaurant menus you might use throughout the week. Another shelf can hold significant documents, such as bank statements, school papers, and medical bills. Yet one more can store other items, such as pens, scissors, markers, and magazines. If your kids enjoy doing arts and crafts in the kitchen, they can choose a shelf to hold their supplies.

You can use any leftover space to hang your keys. Command hooks sell for $13.99 on Amazon. They come in a pack of 16 hooks with 24 strips. Attach the hooks across the top of the corkboard and hang your mail, car, shed, and house keys. Hiding them inside the kitchen island will keep them safe, as opposed to leaving them exposed on the wall by the kitchen door. Break-ins can happen at any moment in any house, so it's best to stay safe. Over time, you can change how you want to organize your hidden message board based on your evolving needs.