How Many Laundry Pods You Should Actually Be Using On Laundry Day

Laundry pods are a handy and mess-free alternative to traditional powder and liquid detergents. They also eliminate the additional step of pouring your detergent into the appropriate section of your washing machine's drawer. The convenience of pods have made them the preferred choice for many consumers. However, there is a chance that you've been using laundry pods all wrong and had no idea. It's crucial to use the correct number of laundry pods when you wash your clothes or linens. You should use only one for small to medium loads and two for large loads. You may use up to three for extra large loads, such as those that include oversized bedding. 

Keep in mind that the recommendation for the number of pods you should use per load might vary depending on what type of washing machine you have and the brand of detergent you use. It is also a good idea to check the back of your laundry pod packaging for additional guidance, as brands may have different instructions for how many pods are required per load. Further, laundry pods are far more concentrated than traditional liquid detergent. This means that you cannot simply rely on the amount of liquid detergent you normally use to help estimate how many pods you need per load. With a bit of additional guidance, you will be prepared to use the right amount of pods every time you wash your clothes.

How to determine the number of pods you need

In order to determine the number of laundry pods you will need, first decide whether your load is small, medium, large, or extra large. As previously mentioned, small to medium loads only require one pod. You might be tempted to use more than one in hopes of getting your clothes extra clean, but just one is enough to fight stains and grime with these smaller loads. It is especially important for those with high-energy washing machines to use the appropriate amount of detergent. This is because these machines use less water, so extra detergent and suds will not get thoroughly washed out of clothes if you use too many pods.

You should use two pods for large loads and up to three pods for those rare extra large loads. After determining the number of pods required for your load, make sure that you avoid making big mistakes when using laundry pods on wash day. Unlike liquid detergent, pods should be placed directly inside your washing machine, even if your appliance has a detergent drawer. This goes for both front-facing and top-facing appliances. Further, some say you should always place pods into the washing machine before adding in laundry, not after.

Here's what happens when you use too many pods

It is important to use the correct number of pods for each load of clothes because excess detergent can damage both your laundry and your machine. If you tend to use too much laundry detergent, cutting back might be the best thing for your clothes. Excess detergent can result in build-up that leaves your fabrics stiff and uncomfortable.

If you use excess laundry pods in an effort to get your clothes cleaner, you should know that this actually has the opposite effect. That's right, using more detergent might actually leave you with dirtier clothes. This is because the build-up of suds reduces the friction that rubs dirt and grime away from your garments during a wash cycle. The build-up that prevents your clothes from getting clean can also prevent your washing machine from working properly. The residue may even clog your machine's drains. This would eventually require you to spend money on pricey repairs, so it is worth it to remain mindful of your detergent pod use.